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How to root Nokia X, install Google Apps, Play Store and Google now Launcher

Nokia has released the much awaited Android Phone Nokia X. But Nokia disappoint everyone and released a forked version of Android. The UI of Nokia X also looks similar to Windows Phone. The device is missing all Google apps and instead of these Microsoft apps are installed. Even Google play store is replaced with Nokia Android Store. Many apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Now and many more are missing and will be not be added in near future. Also Read : Nokia X now available in India for Rs. 8,500 But Now the folks at XDA has been successful...

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Apple working on fix for ‘Touch ID’ issues, till then we have a temporary solution

Apple iPhone 5s’s one of the praised feature was Fingerprint sensor. One of the reason for popularity of iPhone 5s Touch ID was its accuracy. Initially it used to work very accurately and work flawlessly. But after some months it started to fade out. Many people took Apple forums to complaint about the issue. Users complained that Touch ID taking long time to recognize the fingerprint. After some months of using the Touch ID on iPhone 5s it started to fade out. Now reports are that Apple is aware of this issue and working on a fix. Reportedly Apple...

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How to boost Chrome, Facebook and other App Performance in iPhone

 Have you ever wondered why Safari performs better than Chrome? Safari and Other Stock Apps perform better because Apple is always known for keeping its mobile ecosystem as closed ecosystem. Apple allows developers to build applications for its iOS System but has certain limitations. Apple don’t given access to private APIs for developing Apps. Some Performance API are reserved for Stock apps only, developer can’t use it in their app. One of these private API is Nitro Just In Time(JIT) JavaScript  which is reserved for Stock apps like Safari, Mail, Stocks, Weather and others. This Nitro JIT JavaScript helps...

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Moto X coming to India within weeks

Motorola after successful launch of Moto G in India is planning to launch its flagship device Moto X in India. Moto G was launched earlier this month in India, and it became very successful because of its prices and good set specifications. Now Company is planning to launch Moto X in coming weeks in India, it was first launched in August, Moto X was the first device by Motorola after getting acquired by Google. While answering Questions on Twitter during MWC, Motorola confirmed the news. Motorola didn’t specified the exact release date, but gave ambiguous answer. Motorola said it...

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What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S5? Nothing !!

Samsung has launched its next flagship Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 was launched yesterday at an unpacked event at MWC. The event was packed to full houses, everybody expected new features from Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung is always known for copy paste, Samsung just copies the features and packs into their device, same has happened with Galaxy S5. Many people expected massive spec sheet for Galaxy S5 but what Samsung gave us with Galaxy S5? Nothing literally Nothing. Samsung disappoints in every aspect. Many leaks before the launch had already spoiled the party. Even photos of Samsung Galaxy S5...

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