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Samsung launches Galaxy Grand 2 in India, available in January’14

Today at a event in Mumbai, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Grand 2 in India, it will be available in the first week of January. Samsung said, it will be priced between Rs. 22,900 and Rs. 24,900. The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the successor to the Galaxy Grand. The South Korean handset maker unveiled the Galaxy Grand 2 globally in November this year. The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box. It includes other Samsung apps like ChatON, Samsung Hub, S Health, Group Play, S Travel, S Translator, Samsung Link, and Story Album. The Galaxy...

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Evad3rs clears all controversy surrounding iOS 7 jailbreak

After releasing the jailbreak instantly , without giving much details , there were many controversy around the jailbreak. Main issues were : inclusion of pirated Chinese App Store , releasing an iOS 6-ified jailbreak , releasing an early & untested version of jailbreak. So as said by team, they have come up with explanation about all the controversy , they have released an official statement on their website – We are deeply troubled by the rumors and speculation surrounding our iOS 7 jailbreak. – Most of the controversy is around inclusion of Chinese App Store TaiG. They had approached us during Jailbreak Progress. – Taig is a Chinese App Store written in Chinese. tailored and, we believe, well suited to meet the needs of users for the Chinese market. – Taig has never asked us to disclose our exploits to them, let alone sell them. – The safety and security of our users is a paramount concern, and due to the amount of close scrutiny by security professionals around the world, we offer one of the lower risk programs available for download on the Internet. – Preventing piracy is also extremely important to us. We are deeply sorry and embarrassed about the piracy that was seen today. – All of us have spoken out vehemently against piracy in the past. We don’t believe it’s right for developers to not...

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Evad3rs disable pirated Chinese App Store Taig

After the controversy for bundling TaiG to their evasi0n7 jailbreak, the evad3rs have decided to disable the controversial feature, till they investigate the piracy claims. Previously, the evad3rs came forward acknowledging that they have made a financial deal with Chinese installer TaiG. According to evad3rs, the agreement clearly required TaiG not to facilitate piracy, which they didn’t followed . TaiG didn’t respect its part of the deal as there were several reports from various sources about default repos clearly offering cracked and pirated apps to its users. So team has temporarily disabled the installation of pirated App Store . In a tweet, pod2g announced that the evad3rs have decided to remotely disable the default installation of TaiG in China until they can look further into the piracy claims. So, team has decided to disable it remotely, it great that they can actually remotely disable , if that was not the case than team has to release the new package of software.But It may be too late to fix the mistake, as evad3rs will take time to regain the trust they might have lost from some jailbreak...

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iOS 7 JailBreak installs pirated App Store in Chinese users devices

Evad3rs team has come up with iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. The tool, provided by the Evasi0n team, allows users to jailbreak all iOS devices running versions 7.0 to 7.0.4. But According to users on Reddit, the Evasi0n jailbreak comes bundled with a Chinese cracked app store known as Taig in addition to the unofficial version of Cydia.Numerous members of the jailbreak community are crying foul about the inclusion. iOS hacker pod2g, one of the members of Evasi0n, states that they were not aware that Taig sold pirated apps. So question is why they have come up with these pirated...

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Tutorial : how to jailbreak iPhone and iPad running iOS 7

The evad3rs team have made the jailbreak utility very easy to use. Team has just released an iOS 7 jailbreak known as Evasi0n7. Here, we’ve created an easy-to-follow tutorial to show you how. Note: this jailbreak is compatible iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.6 (upto iOS 7.1 beta 3) Those of who have updated via OTA, you should backup in iTunes and do a full restore before jailbreaking your iDevice. Step 1: Download evasi0n7 for Windows or MAC via Evasi0n website. Step 2: Extract the downloaded file into specified folder and open...

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