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App Santa : Brings discounts on popular iOS titles

Santa’s coming a little early this year for App Store shoppers. App Santa, collaborative campaign between a group of award-winning app developers, is offering discounts on fifteen popular iPhone and iPad applications, including 1Password, Tweetbot 3, Launch Center Pro, Screens, Clear+ and more. You can get this apps with as much as 60% discount price, from 10 developers. From App Santa Naughty or nice, App Santa brings you the best deals on apps from some of the most popular developers on the App Store. Enjoy the holidays, and save some money by grabbing these apps while they’re on sale,...

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Blackberry reveals 2014 plans for BBM app,to add Voice call,Channels

Blackberry popular messaging app BBM which went cross platform in October 2013. Which created lots of buzz around app markets. It garnered over 20 million downloads in a week. When it was launched it has basic chat feature with exchanging media & groups. Now Blackberry is preparing an update for the BBM app which includes Voice call , Channels , new emoticons & many more. It’s currently in beta, update will be released in 2014. From Blackberry’s Blog: New Features : 1. BBM Voice for iPhone and Android Free voice calls to any BBM contact anywhere in the world!...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 : Rumor Roundup

We all know samsung Galaxy S4 was launched this year only & it was a great device . But there are some people who love to know about upcoming devices . So today I am posting all the rumor doing round the corner about upcoming model Galaxy S5. Everybody in tech world is excited to know about samsung upcoming model. There are many rumors which suggests that S5 may be released as early as February next year ,means it gonna release earlier than expected. Earlier today a new report arrives which leaked some specs about new phone. So let’s...

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Nokia Lumia 1320 and Lumia 525 Launching in india in January 2014

Nokia unveiled its Lumia 1320 back in October. Now Today,in a conference the company announced that it will launch the Phablet in mid-January and the new entry-level Lumia 525 which was announced in last week of November will be available from first week of January. The Lumia 1320 is the second phablet in Nokia’s lineup to feature a 6-inch display. The specifications of Lumia 1320 are: It Sports 720p 6 inch Display , 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5-megapixel camera, 3,400mAh battery, 8GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 64GB using a microSD card along...

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WhatsApp hits 400 million active users

Today Whatsapp has just Published a new news. It has over 400 million active users for its cross-platform messaging service. The good thing about whatsapp is that their team is still committed to add new features rather than making lots of noise over 400 Million users. The blog post says: “We bet that if our team of engineers could make messaging fast, simple, and personal, we could charge people directly for the service without having to rely on annoying banner ads, game promotions, or all those other distracting “features” that come with many messaging apps. Today, we’re proud to...

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