Here is a list of top 10 mistakes that a logo designer should avoid for a peculiar and outstanding logo.

  1.     Complex designs

When we think of designing a logo, so many ideas can rush up and fill our brain, and when it comes to presenting everything in a single picture, it might end up as a complex one that only the creator can understand. This is a very common mistake that has to be avoided. Professional logo designers follow a code called, K.I.S.S, which is expanded as “Keep it simple, stupid.”

A simple logo that delivers a message that can be easily understood and appreciated by the clients and the customers is all we need. Hence, jot down all your excited ideas in a paper, work through the best one which can easily convey the message in an effective way.

  1.     Variety of fonts

Using three or more fonts in a single logo can complicate the design and often fails to deliver the message. It is better to keep one or two fonts and more than that is not recommended.

Also, it’s better to use a ‘brand font that can be followed everywhere through the media.

Picking up a font is crucial while designing a logo. Do not pick a usual font like ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’, which are the most used fonts on almost every document. Try to make the font unique as possible and don’t use the default fonts that are readily available in every application.

The choice of font must speak about the company. We can make some crazy choices like using ‘Comic sans’ or ‘Jokerman’ for serious companies that may end up looking very unprofessional. Make the font choice wisely according to the company and use more than two fonts.

  1.     Copying others

The copied logos are another common mistake that can be done unknowingly or intentionally in order to make it on time for the clients. Since we are crossing so many logos in our everyday life without consciousness, it is very usual to have a mind picture of a seen logo and use them for designing one. But by doing so, it can result in some serious trademark and copyright issues and can cost a fortune. Hence it is mandatory to be aware of the design we are making and it is better to triple check for similar logos, even if it is stolen from a very small company.

  1.     Amateur designer

Do not fall for cheap rates for designing logos, as most of them are amateurs creating designs just for fun. Always prefer professionals. There are plenty of premier graphic designer service available online that can help with a clean cut and simple logo. Do not rely on friends or relatives who have some knowledge about designing and never go for local printers or commissioned people. To make the logo as a long-lasting one with unique and memorable design, go through the profiles of highly professional and experienced logo design agency for a peaceful business.

  1.     Confused terminology

One of the fundamental mistakes that a logo designer can make is a typographical error with many confusions. A logo with excessive spacing between the words with a font that is not readable can be a puzzling logo. It has to be understood that too many messages cannot be delivered by a single logo, and work accordingly. Adding Inc, Corp and words similar to these can be a bit confusing at times and not all can remember the logo clearly with such terms in the logo.

  1.     Lumping colours

Poor colour choice in the logo can be disastrous. Also, lumping too many contrast colours can make the logo look clumsy and unattractive one. Imagine a logo in a bright background with four to five contrast colour pictures and fonts. It can hurt the eye even in imagination. Hence, it is better to study colour psychology while picking the colour for a logo, according to the nature of the company and adhere to a consistent colour palette.

  1.     Overlapping letters

The words overlapping the picture or other words itself is not a professional one and will look sloppy. The usage of initials for the logo instead of using the complete name of the company is recommended while creating the logo. Never try to squeeze the complete name into a small space that can look very disorganized.

  1.     Forgetting customers

One of the most common mistakes made by the logo designer is forgetting the customers and creating the logo according to the personal choice of colour and designs. To avoid this, make a proper research about the company and their customers. Find out whether the customers are male, female or children or a general product used by everyone irrespective of the age. Pick the logo, fonts and colours according to the customers, rather than the personal taste. If the logo is designed by a logo design agency or a graphic designer service, focusing on the client requirements is essential.

  1.     Inappropriate image

Using cliché images can make the logo a least attractive one. So always check on not to put a light bulb for an idea and cloud balloon for a flashback. Make sure the image is unique and relatable enough for the products of the company. Sometimes, images are not necessary to brand the logo, as a simple symbol can be enough. Hence, never try to feed a shirt image on the logo of a clothing company.

  1. Lacking the process

Even after looking for all the details and being careful in avoiding the common mistakes, there are chances where one might end up staring at the wall without getting any idea. This may happen with young professionals when they are lacking a good strategy to create a logo. Start by analysing the brief given by the client and try to come up with a rough idea. Sketch it out and explore deeper into the presentation. Use proper vector software while using a computer for the exploration. The font and colour changes can be made as a final decision. In such a proper process, a unique and quirky logo can be designed.