International Mathematics Olympiad is a widely acclaimed examination all over the world. Students from all over the country can take part in this examination to excel in their subject-specific area of interest. There are multiple nuances to be taken care of before one sits for the examination. It is only through a systematic approach one can expect to go a long way and score good marks for the exam. The steps to be followed while preparing for the examination is discussed below:

Students should have a detailed knowledge of the Maths curriculum starting from the beginner’s problem to the advanced questions. Without a detailed analysis of the syllabus and knowing the pattern of the questions well, it is insignificant to aim for something big. While students desire to achieve their goals, it is solely significant to have a comprehensive mind and know the nitty-gritty of the examination pattern. It is important to have one’s syllabus in grip because 60% of the question is related to the school syllabus. The initiative of the examination is taken up by various boards and schools to particularly enhance the passion of the students in the subject for greater ability in their board exam. 

Students are advised to follow the SOF IMO Sample Papers Class 8 and accustom themselves to the pattern of the questions and practice problems accordingly. All the sample books of IMO come with solved and unsolved questions which helps students to evaluate their performance daily and rework those parts which seem particularly harder than the others. Students should also enrol in some online sessions to take down key points from the lectures and apply those innovative strategies while solving equations. Taking part in various mock tests increases the chance of performing better during the final examinations. Preparing for such exams has an added advantage for grade 8 students. This is because it is a time when they are already introduced to the board’s pattern and meanwhile when they start preparing for Olympiads, it automatically keeps them engaged in the process and enables them to develop a greater passion for the same. 

Once completed with one’s curriculum, students are advised to get hold of books a little higher than once standard and keep solving the related questions from those topics. NCERT books pdf are available online and students like to refer to those while preparing for these exams since all the topics are well defined and explained lucidly, keeping in view the benefits of the students. Each topic comes with numerous examples to understand the format of such equations and which formulas to be taken care of while solving those. As 8th-grade students, it is expected of them to be clear with the concepts of Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra so that they can tackle any type of questions placed before them. 

Preparing timetables and routines for their daily practice session is an essential step towards the gateway of scoring high marks. It is not only the routine but sticking to it, matters the most. Breaking off such patterns or trying shortcuts to save time and arrive at answers in any way possible is not a positive attitude towards the examination. It is therefore important to compartmentalize sections and adopt a time-bound approach while going through the process. Examining one’s faulty areas and trying different methods to sort that out is a great way of going ahead. It is only with regular timed practice sessions that can have a good grip on the subject. It is also advisable to look at the topics of class 7 maths, as 30% of questions are based on the candidate’s previous year’s class. Therefore, working those out with the right methods and having a greater retention ability works wonders for students. Students should acquaint themselves with solving multiple MCQs questions and develop the habit of at least solving 100 such questions per day. This will increase their pace and provide an anxiety-free environment in the examination hall.

It is important to get hold of such a book which is student-friendly and easily lists out the simpler methods of going about with a problem. Maths is a subject based on one’s intellect and analytical skills. Therefore to enrich oneself with various techniques, one should know to compare different books and go to the one which is simpler and would help them work simultaneously for both Olympiad and their board examination. These exams are conducted particularly keeping in view that students get a higher chance while they seek jobs or any renowned universities. The qualification certificates improve their CVs and that becomes an added advantage in the learning process. Those who find interest in the subject should try it in the examination.

Students coming from science backgrounds are particularly interested to crack JEE MAINS or NEET after their plus II exams and such international exams make the process much easier for each one of them. They will get to know the hardest techniques to crack a particular problem and this approach will enable candidates to score better in much harder exams. It is a great way of getting prepared for medical and engineering examinations and seeing oneself with those famous IItians. While preparing for Olympiads, it is also advisable to prepare a team and have a team spirit, exchange different ideas, and help each other with difficult topics. Such a strategy can ease the process of burdening oneself with all topics, rather helps in speeding the process of preparation. Having a good score in the Olympiad is nothing impossible but just a matter of regular practice and consistency.

Finally, besides having a routine, it is significant for everyone to take out time for themselves and engage in unburdening themselves from extreme pressure. It is equally important to provide some rest to the mental processing which will work wonders in the process. You are almost there. With the right approach, even this is possible!