Given the growth of smartphone e-commerce, today, more than half of the world’s internet traffic comes from smartphone devices. Around twenty years ago, no one even knew what a smartphone was but it has become a big part of our lives today. Mobile devices have 56% of the worldwide market share and it is increasing every hour. We use our smartphones for everything and anything, whether searching places to eat or search for information online, or even find services and products that we desire or need.

Smartphones have made it easier for people to browse through the internet and businesses have taken mobile websites as their priority marketing efforts. As much as building a desktop website is important for your business, a mobile website will help your site drive more traffic. Google, too, has made mobile optimization essential when building a website.

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Your web host provider will play a key role in optimizing your website to fit on all smart devices. Since your web hosting can store and process data quickly and efficiently. Your web host allows your visitors to access your website from their browser whether on their desktop, laptop, mobile, or any other smart device. Choosing the right host is the first step in building a successful website. Hostinger is pretty decent web hosting provider that offers different packages and plans to match your need.

How to choose the right web host?

  • The first step in choosing a web hosting service is to understand the type of website you want to create. Whether blog or online store or business website, knowing your niche will help narrow down hosting services.
  • There are several hosting services available and choosing the right one for your business is essential. Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated or Managed hosting are just some of the options you will encounter, each having its benefits and drawbacks.
  • Look out for customer support, maintenance, security, and other features that are offered by the hosting service. Server management is important so make sure the hosting provide excellent customer support.
  • If you are a beginner, you can look out for free web hosting servers or budget-friendly hosting services that work great for your business.
  • Look out for features such as mobile optimization, speed, downtime, and uptime, which play a vital role in the success of your website on the internet.

Refer to this article to check some more factors that will help you choose the right hosting.

Why mobile optimization is important?

Since Google has made mobile optimization an important ranking factor. Businesses have prioritized building mobile websites that can increase traffic on their site. Since customers are more comfortable browsing sites through their mobile phones, make sure your business website does not just fit on different-sized smartphones but also has a responsive mobile-friendly design.

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A responsive design ensures that your website can detect and adapt to different smart devices. This is key in increasing conversions, sales and drive more traffic to your site. If your site lacks an adaptive design, the chances of people bouncing off from your site are higher.

Building a mobile website that is easy to use and understand without having to zoom in or out to read content, will help you build a well-functioning mobile website.

5 ways to build a responsive mobile website 

  • Choose the right website builder

A website builder will help you create a mobile-friendly site with the latest developments and trends in the market. Developers utilize a number of tools to deliver a well-functioning and well-optimized mobile design. A website builder will focus on different elements of your website to ensure it is responsive and attractive to your online visitors. A website designer can also help you build and optimize your mobile website.

  • Optimize speed

One of the most crucial factors for your desktop as well as the mobile website is your page loading speed. It is an important ranking factor that influences the user experience on your site. A fast-running website that can load all your files and data quickly on any browser around the globe will boost your website performance. Your hosting service will be key in maintaining your page speed, other factors would include image size, videos, etc.

  • Don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images

Initially, our mobile phones were not built to support JavaScript or CSS and images at once. Hence, webmasters either block one or all of them but now things are different. Google bots are more intelligent and smartphones are getting smarter each year. These elements allow bots or crawlers to sweep through your browser and send positive signals back to search engines.

2021 guide to mobile website hosting (pixabay)

  • Keep design simple

As much as having a professional website is important, it does not mean it has to be complicated. Creating and building a website design that is simple and efficient will work wonders for your mobile website. Simple designs also help increase your page speed as they may be a smaller file. Clean, easy to read, and navigate design can keep your users longer on your mobile website.

  • Provide clear information

People often browse through their mobile phones for specific information. If they do not find it on the landing page, they are likely to move on to the next one. Helping your users find answers to their queries as quickly and easily as possible will boost your mobile website. You can also consider having FAQs of certain topics that your audience will be in search of.

The Bottom Line 

As much as building a website is fun and exciting, it can be a daunting task. Focusing on a mobile website is a crucial component for your business to be successful as people are more comfortable browsing from their smart devices. Here are 5 reasons why!

This guide will help you understand the different aspects of building a mobile website that can work great for your business.