Whether you are a corporate employee slaving for that promotion, or a student who’s doing online classes, or even a telecommuter who’s now working from home, you’d need quite the number of great tools to do your job correctly and give it justice. And these tools are commonly found in an office setting, but fret not, as with the surge of technological advances in the last decade, you can now do file conversions to any type of file online!

Yes, you’ve read that right, online tools for file format conversions are not only lifesavers; they’re also easy and accessible at all times. You never have to worry about having to purchase a specific, standalone, third-party software again. With the tools listed below, you have automatic access to advanced software, provided you have a browser and a working Internet connection!

PDF to Word Converter

Browser-based applications for PDF editing has seen a surge in use and demand in the last few years. As more and more people are transitioning to a life of working from home, tools like this are now all over the Internet. One of the many PDF tools you need to have to be better at PDF editing is a PDF to Word online converter. PDFBear is great, because not only is it free, but it’s also accessible anywhere in the world.

Most converter technology on standalone software is only available on third-party software. Still, with sites like PDFBear, you can easily turn a PDF file that needs fundamental editing to a Word file. When converting, make sure that you choose the one with OCR so that the elements inside the PDF will be turned into editable elements once converted to Word. If you don’t, the resulting file will feature an image on a Word document alone. PDFBear has a suite of PDF applications that you can use to do almost any PDF editing.

MS Office Files to PDF converter

MS Office file formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are commonly converted to PDF before printing. In the case of PowerPoint presentations, a hand-out that’s distributed for better reference and understanding of the document. There was a time when these kinds of conversions are exclusive to MS Office software only, but now, it’s now accessible for everyone online.

When a file is shared with you over messaging platforms, and you need to share and print it for dissemination and/or publication, the chances are high that you’ll need to convert to PDF first before anything else. You don’t need to do the converting on your dedicated software anymore. With online PDF converters; you can do it anywhere you are in the world – even when you’re vacationing or away for the weekend.

MP3 and video converter

We all need music in our lives. That’s just given. And while it’s not exactly every day that you will be asked to convert files to mp3, it’s still a great tool to have in case. If you work for an advertising department or one that involves creating and producing content like videos and music, a handy mp3 converter is a must. Luckily for most people, this is easier to do now with the help of online tools!

There are quite a number of choices you have when it comes to mp3 conversion, but among the best ones are those who can convert from a number of file formats. Look for an online tool that can convert Youtube videos to audio alone, and vice-versa, and you’re set! There’s also the matter of security and privacy. Make sure that there is SSL encryption from end to end on the converter of your choice. And that it is accessible on most browsers!


Bookmark these listed converters to create a collection of online tools you can readily access anywhere you are in the world. Whether it is PDF converting you are going for or changing the file format of an audio file, with the tools mentioned above, you can easily transform the way you work, play, and approach file conversion situations! Nowadays, you can just easily go to the Internet, find the tools you need, and everything should be automated!