PDF editing may seem like a mundane administrative task, but it takes quite the skills to master it. While some of the edits you can do with any PDF file are obvious and only requires common sense, there are many that need to be studied and perfected. If you are a corporate employee who wants to improve your skills, or acquire new ones in this ever-changing world, suffice it to say that continued learning is key to get ahead of the pack.

That’s why if you want to have better PDF editing skills, this article is for you. PDF editing can be daunting to some, and lesser-skilled workers will have a tough time looking for ways to go about it, but when you have the skills and know-how on this matter, it will help you streamline your workload. We’ve collated some of the most underrated tricks to turn your PDF editing skills from average to excellent:

Convert online

A browser-based application like PDFBear has a suite of PDF applications for easy and convenient conversion online. There was a time when you can’t do PDF converting without the help of overpriced third-party software. Still, with the proliferation of the Internet, as well as the increasing need for office work to be ported online, there are now hundreds of PDF editing tools online you can access.

One of the more streamlined is PDFBear’s PDF to Word Converter. There are also other equally excellent converters from this online repository, like Excel to PDF and vice versa, and PowerPoint to PDF and the other way around. There’s also a dedicated JPG to PDf converter that you can use for that specific type of conversion.

Highlight to extract pages

When extracting pages from a PDF file, it can be difficult to keep a tab of the pages you want to extract. A nifty trick to make this easier is to go to the thumbnail view of the document, and from there, highlight the pages you want to separate. Page extraction is very helpful when you want to have a copy of the PDF for personal use or just for reference, but don’t want the entire document saved.

There are two ways you can go about page extraction. You can do it online, which is the more accessible and easier of the two. Online, you can do extraction from anywhere in the world with more devices supported and you don’t have to install the software in your device. A bookmark on your trusty browser will do. Or, you can do it offline, probably with a pre-installed PDF reader and editor.

Protect and encrypt it

PDF files constitute the file format that’s most shared worldwide. Why? Because this is the file format that is printer-ready and is difficult to change edits-wise. These would include the contents, formatting, and placement of elements. This is also the file type used for a good chunk of confidential files, files bearing personal information, addresses, emails, financial accounts, and more. Protecting and encrypting these documents makes sense, as not to divulge any information to the wrong person.

Password protecting a document can be done in a jiffy nowadays. You just have to be savvy about it. Similar to the other recommendations from above, the best way to go about this is to use a browser-based application. The process is easier and more streamlined this way and you don’t have to open the file to do so. When you do it with a standalone PDF reader, you’ll go through quite the process.

With online web applications, you just upload your chosen file, input the strongest password you can think of, wait for the encryption process to finish, and you now have a password-protected file in minutes! Plus, when you do batch encryption, you’ll have an easier time navigating through various files. The process of downloading after is a joy as well, so you have that to look forward to.


Turn your PDF editing skills into something that you can have as an edge over other employees. This is key to getting promotions when you are in an office setting, and if you are applying for jobs, it will be great to add this skill to your competencies. Get that corporate job you’ve always wanted effortlessly with these listed tricks! And as with everything new, take your time honing these skills!