Cryptocurrency is digital money that has been trending in the past few years. No one now lacks the idea of what a cryptocurrency is. It has attracted most people’s attention, and the majority of the people want to invest in it. One good platform to invest in cryptocurrencies is Cointree crypto exchange. One of the most traded cryptocurrencies is bitcoin. It is one of the cryptocurrencies that has gone viral faster.

Other than bitcoin, there are other forms of cryptocurrencies that you cannot trade-in. Some of them include the following.


This is a decentralized software that was the first alternative to Bitcoin. It is a software platform that enables people to operate decentralized applications and smart contracts without facing problems such as fraud and interference from other parties.

This digital money aims to create a decentralized suite for financial products that anyone can access in the world regardless of their location. Ethereum provides products to people to people without any form of discrimination in terms of nationality and faith. It is different from analog money, where every country has its currency which is different from other countries. It also enables even those without state identification to access bank accounts, loans, and insurance cover. That has helped it to attract so many people.


This currency is the crypto of the day and was officially launched in 2011. It is among the cryptocurrencies that follow the operation of Bitcoin. This form of money is based on a global payment network that is open-source. The advantage of it is that any central authority does not control it. The currency is almost the same as bitcoin. The only difference is that it has a faster block generation rate and offers a faster transaction confirmation time.

The faster transaction confirmation time has enabled bitcoin to attract many customers into it. That has led to more significant growth in its capitalization to $ 4 billion.


This is a form of cryptocurrency that can secure your digital wallet and be created with an approach based on research. Cryptography experts, mathematicians, and engineers made it. One of the people who founded the currency was a founding member of Ethereum. He left Ethereum after having some misunderstandings on the direction it was taking and later helped create Cardano.

The blockchain of Cardano was created through conducting many experimentation and research. Coming up with a new currency is not a one-time decision. It involves carrying out a lot of experiments and research. The researchers have written several papers on blockchain technology. This form of cryptocurrency grows at a faster rate. That is because it is in its early stages and has already beaten other currencies such as Ethereum. It also aims at establishing financial products that are decentralized by focusing on the world’s financial operating system.


Before investing in any business, it is essential to have a proper understanding of how it operates. The same applies to cryptocurrencies. They are of several forms that you need to choose wisely. You can also opt for the review of Dan Hollings cryptocurrency training to help you have a better understanding of it.

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