To say that online gambling is fun would be an understatement. Visiting a casino website after a long day of backbreaking work can be a very revitalizing experience, especially since you need nothing more to play than an internet-capable device and some free time. The moment you open your favorite site and get swarmed by a combination of high-contrast graphics and swirling animations is the time you start to experience an adrenaline rush.

Your body already knows you’re going to play today and gets itself ready. Prepared, you decide to play a series of 5 games before going to sleep. An hour or so later, your shoulders slump in resignation. You’ve lost all of them. You decide that the RNG deities in charge of the games no longer favor you and close the site. But what you didn’t know is that part of the fault for the losses lies on your side.

Truth usually lies in the middle, and as such, the reasons for losing so much money at online games are also partially yours, including ignoring the house edge of various games, not using your online bonuses to the fullest, not deciding on a bankroll management method and placing too big bets. Read on and discover how to avoid losing so much money at online casinos.

You’re Not Using Your Bonuses to the Fullest

The best thing about online casinos is that they offer you a series of bonuses to entice you into playing on their websites. From the welcome bonus to the loyalty program, which numerous sites offer, bonuses are one of the main reasons why new players prefer to play over at such gambling destinations. However, not everyone knows how to use them properly. For instance, some people don’t know how to use the welcome bonus properly. They usually receive the bonus and immediately proceed to withdraw it.

If you’re like this and haven’t even deposited yet, then you’re not going to get anything out of that bonus. Instead of doing that, you should first deposit some amount, after which you can claim your welcome bonus and play some games with it. The welcome bonus will increase your balance by a hundred percent or even more if the casino is generous enough. For example, you can then use this money to play real money blackjack or other High 5 Casino games and hope for some big wins.

And if you lose all of those winnings? Then you can start using your deposit since you’ve already had some fun with the welcome bonus money. With the welcome bonus, you will have significantly more chances of getting a nice payout.

You’re Not Using a Bankroll Management Method

Some people think that they can just deposit $100 and start betting on roulette or slots. These are two games of chance where luck plays the biggest part. The house always has the edge over the player in these games, so you have to play wisely if you want to have any chance. And that means using a bankroll management method.

Not using a bankroll management method is one of the most common mistakes that online gamblers make. Many people think that because they can afford to lose $100, they can also afford to bet on roulette, hoping for the jackpot. But it doesn’t work like this. The way it works is that you have to set a gambling budget and use a certain amount of money for each game, depending on how risky it is.

For instance, if you bet on roulette with money you could lose without breaking a sweat, then you are trying to win back what you could lose within one minute. So unless you are fortunate, your chances are slim. And even if you are that lucky, why would you play at an online casino that only has European roulette instead of an American roulette table? The house edge is significantly smaller here, so why wouldn’t you?

On the other hand, if you bet on roulette with money you could lose after ten days of playing, then you are willing to wait for your money to come back. And if it doesn’t come back, then at least it wasn’t your entire bankroll that got depleted – it was just a small part of it. This way, you can avoid placing too big bets and losing so much money at gambling by using bankroll management methods.

You Ignore the House Edge

Here’s something most people don’t know. Not all games have the same house edge. Some games are more favorable to the player, while others are more favorable to the gambling establishment. And when you go to an online casino, you should be trying to play the games with the lowest house edge. If you don’t, it will cost you money in the long run.

For instance, slot machines are one of the most popular ways of playing at online casinos. You can play them for hours and hours without getting bored. But they also have high house edges, which means that in the long run, you will lose money by playing them too often in the long run.

If you don’t want that to happen, you should only play slots every once in a while and switch to other games like craps or roulette instead. The same principle applies to video poker and other casino games. There is no point in playing them if you are not interested in learning the rules, as this way, they will drain your bankroll faster than anything else. Instead, choose the games with the lowest house edge and try to maximize your chances of winning by avoiding entirely luck-dependent games.


Not using your bonuses to the fullest and ignoring the bankroll management method and the house edge are three of the most common mistakes online gamblers make. If you want to avoid losing so much money at online casinos, you should learn from these mistakes now to avoid making them during your gambling time.

Play your games wisely, invest some time in learning some strategies, and you can easily get rid of that losing streak, hopefully for good. May Lady Luck be with you!