Every small or large business has individual goals in their respective industry. Besides implementing new strategies to achieve their business goals, one can never stop putting emphasis on the importance of customer satisfaction!

While there are many to boost customer satisfaction, providing high-end customer service is one of them. It will help you meet your long-term goals, make clients happy, and take your business to new heights. Companies that prioritize better customer service experiences can increase revenues between 4% and 8% above their market. They know that their response rate can make or break their business that’s why they opt to work with a call center in the Philippines and other top countries in the BPO industry.

While the data clearly indicate the importance of customer support, inadequate tools can restrict the way you do business. Here are the top four customer service tools that will promote business success:

SMS Text Support

According to stats, 6 billion SMS texts are sent every day in the US, with over 180 million sent every month, and 2.27 trillion are sent every year.

With that, you might want to implement a new way of communication into your customer service mix by providing SMS text support as a handy option. You can use a bulk SMS platform to start utilizing the SMS channel adequately. While the customer support cases are opened, worked, and closed through email, a communication channel through SMS can reach instantly through their mobile phones. Let’s say, you have a sudden mishap in your HVAC and want to get it done instantly, the HVAC answering service will be there to rescue you.

Customer Portal

A customer portal is an allocated internal system, within your website, that offers access to personal data. The moment they add a product in their shopping carts, the oversight of the procedure starts. They can monitor their track orders, purchase history, add favorite items in the wish list, or get personalized support.

Portals offer customers to personify their shopping experience, which promotes consistent engagement with your brand and creates better interaction. This way, you can provide them the most comfortable space to access their personalized data anytime they want. By offering a dedicated internal system, you are setting up transparency between your customers and making a worthy investment for your company.

Live Chat

As more people shop online, they need online support. By offering a live chat option, you are offering instant gratification and assistance at the moments customers highly need. Providing live chat over Email, phone, text message, and multichannel support having live representatives is one way to do that.

Live chat options are a good way to be used as providing information that can encourage making a purchase. For instance, clothing brands often use live support with a style consultant to help out their customers in a friendly way.

Automatic Callback Phone System

Even if people widely use digital methods, many still prefer to use phones at their disposal. Make sure that your service center inclined to offer delightful support via calls at all times.

There is nothing can be more annoying for a customer than staying on hold for a prolonged period to get disconnected. This is where an automatic callback system will take your support system to the next level. If your support system offers a user to provide their contact number for an agent to contact them directly from the service queue, it would be much better.

This will help manage the call queues and foster an effective brand experience. Using an automatic call back system, customers still wait while enjoying their tunes instead of Muzak.

Thankfully, we have technological solutions to use these four useful tools to streamline and boost customer service efforts. The rising number of communication channels urges organizations to expand their efforts to meet the expectations and demands of modern consumers.