POS Software is getting more innovative all the time. They are common in the service industry. From retail to bars. From restaurants to airlines. They are becoming more common place in business every day whether you have a small business or a conglomerate.

Let’s check out some Point of Sale Solutions on which you use:

ParTech Restaurant Point of Sale Software

ParTech restaurant point of sale software can do a variety of things, which makes it clear it is a POS system for the daily operations of a modern restaurant. With built-in loyalty programs and menus that can easily be personalized your guests will have a unique experience with the system. Here are some of the key features included.

  • The flexible POS Cloud system allows customers to order online and with mobile.
  • Point of Sale Solutions, payment, and customer success team all in one place.
  • There are food safety measures in the system as well and to make things easier the PAR Sure Check Solution has remote monitoring.
  • With all these components to the POS system it can be made even more customizable due to the fact that it has an ecosystem of third-party programs.

Full-Service Restaurants

Upserve POS Software is on IOS and Android, making it very customizable. Full-service restaurants can take advantage of the many options of this POS system. Whether buying or leasing Upserve POS, owners can easily update menus and create table maps. There are some other key features you can use.

  • This POS system can handle all your. You will notice an increase in sales and staff productivity while using it.
  • The system has 24/7 support with a support team that knows the restaurant business.
  • This POS system also includes a reservation system and inventory. This will increase customer retention and allow you to easily manage your costs.

New Restaurants

Square POS Software work best for new or quick-service restaurants. This POS Software stays customizable with the integration of IOS and Android. Third party software works well with the POS system to create a more customizable system for each restaurant. There are many ways that Square POS help to grow your business.

  • This system can turn your IPad into a cash register. Customers can pay with a swipe, dip, or tap and it keeps the line moving fast.
  • There is 24/7 support and it accepts all major credit cards, has no hidden fees, and the money is deposited within a day.
  • There is a complete point of sale software with the POS. There is a wide touch screen to handle customers with and a screen for the customers to see what they bought and easily tip if they want.

Tableside Payments

TouchBistro POS Software is great for quick-service or full-service restaurants. They are great to use tableside as well with the mobile POS option. The iPad has a stand, cash drawer, and receipt printer as well. There are many innovative features that come with this system.

  • Since TouchBistro POS was created for the restaurant business other tableside or quick-service options include easy bill splitting and seat joining.
  • You can have as many users as you want to be logged into your system and will never be charged for adding more staff as your business grows.
  • With this system you have free access to any updates to the system and free access to the community to talk with other restaurant owners.

Re-furbished POS:

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