There are marketing trends that stay for a few months or even quarters. Today we will share with you the latest marketing trends here to stay in the last quarter of the year. 

Video Marketing

People are the best at absorbing and assimilating visual information. Therefore, the performance indicators of video ads are very high. At first glance, it might seem that video marketing is poorly suited for the logistics industry. But this is not the case! Large cars, trailers, forklifts, the well-functioning work of equipment and people, the romance of the road, landscapes replacing each other outside the window – all this works great on video. It is easy to turn on such a video “for a minute” and watch it from beginning to end, forgetting about the time.  You should not only create but also stream the content. Twitch is the perfect example of this idea. When you figure out how to get followers on Twitch, that’s’ when you win on the platform. Yes, there are thousands of streamers but you should stand out with the quality streams, high engagement and relevant fan-base. 

Ideological leadership

Transportation companies often make marketing efforts only to indicate on their website what services they provide. Making a website useful not only from a purely practical but also from an educational point of view is what marketing means by thought leadership. 

After all, a logistics company is the focus of the experience of many people, professionals in their field. They will find non-obvious solutions from their practice to share with readers. And those, having read several articles filled with such free advice, imbued with confidence in the company and employees.

Optimization for mobile phones

Imagine a real situation: a user visits the website of a transport company from a smartphone and sees – only a part of the logo – the one that fits on the screen. To get to the text, you have to scroll down a few screens, and it doesn’t get better there, because the text goes somewhere to the right beyond all foreseeable boundaries.

There is no question of ordering a service on such a site (if the client for some reason does not leave it earlier) is out of the question: no matter how long you press the “Checkout” button, nothing but a disgustingly slow page reload happens.

It is clear what impression this site will leave on the visitor. It is important to optimize the company’s website for viewing from mobile phones. In 2021, the mobile version is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Chat bots

The world has not yet reached the level of development of artificial intelligence that would allow robots to fully take over the conduct of business negotiations. However, chatbots are quite capable of answering simple questions from customers and people eyeing your services. Unlike “human” support, chatbots are available 24/7 and respond instantly, regardless of how many other customers are contacting them at that moment. And according to a Mindshare survey, 63% of consumers named bots as their favorite form of communication with businesses. These seven trends are just a small fraction of what is happening in internet marketing this year.