Are you looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary gift? If so, you should consider getting a piece of jewelry made with lab created diamonds. If you aren’t familiar with this type of diamond, you might be wondering if they’re real. Lab created diamond rings are made with real diamonds, and here’s why these diamonds are superior to their mined counterparts.

1. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds

First things first, lab grown diamonds aren’t fake, nor are they cubic zirconia stones. Although some people refer to these diamonds as “synthetic,” that word doesn’t do them justice. Lab grown diamonds are atomically and optically identical to diamonds mined from deep within the Earth. The only difference is that the natural conditions that create a diamond are recreated – and sped up – in a lab.

Diamonds are formed from carbon and need two conditions to develop: pressure and heat. In the earth, this process happens over many, many years. In a lab, the process takes far less time. There are two main methods used, but in both cases, the process begins with a small amount of carbon from an existing diamond. Then, special equipment is used to induce the right pressure and heat until a complete diamond is formed.

In the end, lab created diamonds are graded exactly the same as mined diamonds, according to cut, clarity, color, and carat.

2. Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly

Of all the controversy surrounding the diamond mining industry, many people aren’t aware of the environmental destruction involved. While any process that uses equipment will create some form of carbon emissions, the impact of creating diamonds in a lab pales in comparison to the planetary destruction. There is no comparison.

When diamond mines are set up, companies are legally required to restore the environment to the state in which it was found. However, that doesn’t usually happen. Perhaps because the time and cost involved would cut into the company’s profits. 

When you see the damage done, it’s hard to imagine that restoring the earth is even possible. Diamond mines create massive craters and toxic wastewater that contaminates water, soil, and damages the land. Some craters are more than 1,000 feet deep and over 1,500 feet wide. Worse, the blasting forces people to migrate and ruins animal habitats.

When you buy lab created diamonds, you’re supporting the preservation of the earth; it’s the most eco-friendly engagement ring choice you could make.

3. Lab grown diamonds are ethically-sourced

Child labor and human rights violations are massive problems in the diamond mining industry. Even when diamonds aren’t “blood diamonds,” a diamond mining camp isn’t a pleasant place to live or work. Mining diamonds is dangerous and many are injured and even killed on the job. Workers who aren’t physically injured often end up with ailments like lung disease and hearing loss.

When you buy an engagement ring made with lab grown diamonds, you aren’t giving your money to an industry that doesn’t care about people’s health and wellbeing. Your money won’t be supporting the exploitation of children or anyone for that matter.

4. Lab grown diamonds are affordable

The affordability of lab grown diamonds is one of the best reasons to skip mined diamonds. You may have noticed that diamonds can be quite expensive, and yet, lab created diamonds tend to cost around 40% less than mined diamonds. It makes sense to choose the less expensive option, especially when you’re on a budget.

There’s nothing wrong with saving money on your engagement ring. In fact, buying more affordable diamonds will mean you have more funds available to buy a bigger diamond or a fancier setting.

Choose lab created diamond jewelry

Now that you know more about lab created diamonds, you have a better foundation for choosing your diamond jewelry. Will you opt for diamonds created in a lab? When you compare them with mined diamonds, it’s clear that lab created diamond jewelry is better for the environment and for humankind.