Applications continue to dominate with over 200 billion app downloads in 2019. It was estimated that more than 500 million applications would be downloaded last year. Businesses can cash in on app benefits as popularity among businesses and providers increases.

Ecommerce, digital payment services, food delivery, healthcare, and other areas are being transformed via applications. There is almost no industry not utilizing the power of apps. And as smartphone usage continues, businesses that develop and deploy apps will certainly find greater revenue.

Application development has also seen powerful innovation. From container images to Go-based application development using APIs via togatoga/goforces, developing an app for your business can be more secure and simplified.

If you’re a business manager, CEO, or enterprise developer, you may already know the importance of having an application for your business. But to drive the point home, we compiled a list of business app benefits worth knowing and considering. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Greater Customer Conversion

Did you know that 60 percent of searches are made from mobile devices? This is a pretty clear call to action to have an app ready for potential customers to download in order to use your services or buy your business’ products.

Applications on mobile devices can help you make the sale and convert more customers. Why? They are more interactive, easier to navigate, serve up greater access, and have stronger retention than website landing pages.

Having a business app somewhere in your business’ buyer journey can certainly prove profitable. Not to mention the increased brand awareness and search engine visibility.

2. Enhanced Brand Awareness

Advertising and marketing can be tricky in today’s digital age. It can be challenging to build a brand online, especially in very competitive industries. The traditional advertising and marketing methods, like billboards and newspaper ads simply don’t align with the digital environment.

However, business apps can change this, helping enhance your business’ brand awareness online. A solid app that a smartphone user can download to learn more about products and/or services, as well as share with friends, family, and colleagues, can make a serious impact when it comes to brand awareness.

An application can also boost online visibility. Website browsing and word of mouth are still a thing for online consumers. But imagine having potential customers search for your business online and finding your app.

This goes a long way during the evaluation stage of the buyer’s journey. Apps are great marketing tools, and with increased online visibility, trust factors go way up with consumers online.

3. Direct 24/7 Access And Communication To Consumers

One of the greatest business app benefits that your company can enjoy is direct access and 24/7 communication to consumers. It is a fast and effective way of reaching target audiences in an engaging way. You can push new products, services, and promotions via your business application.

Why is access to consumers so easy via business apps? Because consumers always have their smartphones in their pockets. And they check their smartphones a ton throughout the day.

Research has found that people check their smartphones around 100 times per day. That means your marketing message via your app can be seen daily from app users.

4. Customer Engagement Goes Way Up!

Customer engagement is absolutely critical in today’s mobile digital world. More consumers want to feel connected with the brands they choose to buy from and support. An app can make engaging customers easier.

Applications also allow businesses to increase customer engagement in a more meaningful way. Allowing customers to engage with your business via your business’ app delivers a sense of connection.

Instead of calling or messaging with a chatbot on your website, customers can get information, ask questions, and feel heard using an application.The accessibility customers will experience via an app boosts engagement and turns customers into loyal brand advocates.

5. Gain A Serious Competitive Edge In Your Market

Not every business is savvy enough to create and launch an application. You can be sure that not all your competitors have built an app. This is good news for your business, because having an app can give you a serious competitive edge in your market.

Even if you do have a few competitors with an app, you can utilize the feedback to your advantage, creating an even better application.

Wrapping Up . . .

There are a ton of business app benefits. The above are simply the most important to consider if you are still on the fence about developing and deploying an application. From greater customer engagement to a competitive edge, an app for your business could be revenue game-changer.