As we’re getting older, we encounter different health problems. In some cases, it’s enough to do regular exercise to keep those issues under control.

Other people suffer from more serious conditions, which is why they need help and assistance. Sometimes, they hire caregivers and other medical experts.

Today, however, you can opt from various devices that record your condition or send alerts to medical service providers.

Let’s take a look together at some of these devices and aides.

1) GrandCare Systems

Introducing a system to the life of a senior person is a must if they want to maintain their help properly.

This is where the GrandCare System comes on stage.

This cutting-edge solution is a reasonable choice for both seniors who experience health problems and those who just want to lead a systematic life.

As for the former, it can monitor your blood pressure, oxygen level, weight, the level of sugar on your blood, etc. It can store daily reports about these features or send them to the chosen medical service.

Also, you can enter your medicine intake schedule and always remember to take your medicines.

It also comes with a chat option so seniors can constantly communicate with their friends and family members. What’s more, you can easily get to social networks via GrandCare systems and stay engaged in online social activity.

2) TrueLoo

More and more people experience problems with digestion. Also, the number of adults and seniors with diagnosed ulcers is on the rise.

Problems with the stomach and intestines can lead to more severe conditions.

That’s why seniors should think about getting the TrueLoo produced by ToiLabs. This device is attached to the toilet seat and it collects valuable data about the condition of the user’s intestines on the basis of their stool. This device stores information about the color, frequency, size, and texture of the stool. When medical workers or doctors at retirement homes receive this data, they can promptly react to introduce some medicines or change the diet plan for the user in question.

Equally practical for individual and retirement home users, the TrueLoo can help you increase the quality of life and prevent harsher health issues.

3) MobileHelp

Modern solutions for seniors go beyond software systems and data-collecting devices.

One of the most frequent recommendations to elderly people is to go for walks several times a day. More often than not, they go walking to parks, woods or natural environments in general.

What’s dangerous about these activities is the risk of falling, breaking a leg or arm, or losing consciousness.

So, seniors who have the habit of spending a lot of time outside can get the MobileHelp device. It can either be used as a home-based system or a remote solution. The point is that when you press the button on one of your MobileHelp devices, both your family and medical service are notified. Thanks to the GPS-based feature, they will get information about your location.

Another advantage of this system is that it comes with a fall-detection element. Even if you faint or lose consciousness, it will record that something happened and alert the family and doctors.

4) Reminder Rosie

One of the most uncomfortable experiences for senior people across the globe is that they start forgetting things. This is an innate process in our mind that’s the same in all cultures and economic classes.

This isn’t only inconvenient for everyday social activities. For instance, if you forget to take your medicines, you can put your life in danger.

Reminder Rosie is here to prevent you from forgetting about your medicines. It’s a simple talking device that emits the message that a senior or their family members record. For instance, you can say something like “Hey, dad, it’s time for your painkiller. Love you. Emma”. This is only an example. You can record other messages and set the time for each of them (go for a walk, water the plants, etc.).

We need to try to get things to make life easier for the elderly. If they start forgetting, this device will help them retain their self-confidence and do their daily tasks properly. What’s more, you’ll be calmer when you know they will be reminded to do these things.

5) VitalTech

The interactive and smart VitalTech solution gathers information about the user’s current condition 24/7. From the heart rate and oxygen level to sleep duration and other vitals.

This device comes as a pendant and a watch. The data stored that way are kept in the cloud, so authorized family members can access the information all the time. In the case of fall or any other major change in the tracked data, both the family members and medical service are notified.

Also, it’s a water-resistant device so it will work properly in case of the fall into the water.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be taken off for charging, but it keeps charging on the hand.


As we’re getting older, we need more help to stay fit or healthy. What’s important is to accept this fact. After that, we can opt for a variety of solutions. In some cases, it’s more practical to have personal assistants at home. Other people will prefer to rely on technical devices. Some seniors will combine both medical caregivers and devices.

No matter what option you choose, analyze the benefits of each of these cutting-edge devices. We hope they will help you lead a long and dynamic life in your senior age.