About 80 percent of the world’s population own and use at least one mobile phone. Nearly 98 percent of social media users prefer to browse with their mobile phones than other devices. As mobile phone proliferation statistics increase worldwide, the demand for mobile-driven marketing also increases. As a business or marketer, these numbers mean you could be losing out on a ton of traffic and leads if you don’t prioritize mobile marketing.

Here are five killer mobile marketing tips to reboot your strategy.

1.    Do Giveaways

In the U.S alone, marketers spent over $2 billion on contests and giveaways. The benefits of organizing giveaways for your customers are endless. It can be great to improve customer acquisition and improve social reach. Studies show that giveaways can lead you to acquire over 34 percent of new customers.

You can try various giveaway options, from volunteering your services to donating custom made socks. Beyond the items you share, creating a personal and mutually beneficial connection between your brand and its customers is more important. Giveaway contests can be the exchange needed to establish that connection.

2.    Be Clear And Concise

Clarity and conciseness are crucial in converting prospective mobile users into qualified leads. Many of them have a short attention span, and it’s not their fault. Online communication platforms see huge volumes of content each second.

For example, statistics show that over a billion Facebook posts are made daily. Twitter users create about 500 million tweets, while daily photos on Instagram are in the 200 million region. Brands need three seconds to convince mobile customers before they scroll on. Clear posts with easily clickable call-to-action buttons gain more click-throughs than bland posts.

3.    Use Quality Visuals

Visuals encourage clarity and precision. For instance, you can reduce a blurb about your company’s achievements into an infographic. Transforming long paragraphs into visually appealing creative visuals sells more and increases return on investment. Use high-quality images, short videos, and GIFs to tell relatable stories about your brand, improving your marketing efforts. Don’t forget to chip in with memes, especially when dealing with a younger target market.

4.    Personalize Your Efforts

Personalization is a great way to win customers’ hearts and gain their loyalty. Today’s customers have endless expectations of brands. About 70 percent say they feel frustrated when a brand’s marketing efforts have nothing to do with them. Personalizing marketing to the specific needs of mobile users is no easy task.

You need enough data about your customers, their interests, and purchasing choices before you can effectively personalize your marketing efforts. For instance, iPhone users expect differently from Android users when browsing your website. It pays to tailor your platform experiences to these unique needs.

5.    Contract Influencers

In the world of mobile marketing, influencers aren’t mere ambassadors; they’re tastemakers rallying customers behind influential trends. Over the years, studies show that content consumption has switched from brand posts to influencer-generated content. Influencers are more fluid with their content, creating relatable content and forging lasting relationships between their audiences. In today’s age of marketing, influencers are the best way to get in front of the mobile screens of your target market.

Generally, marketing has gone mobile. Experts have a lot of reasons to continue directing investments toward mobile marketing. These tips can be your best if you plan on improving your business’s marketing efforts.