SEO industry changes at breakneck speed, and shows no signs of slowing down. Link building strategies that have been completely viable just a few years ago may get your website ignored or even penalized by Google. These days, nobody can afford to rest on their laurels. Do you see your sales suddenly plummeting despite your selling a highly sought-after product? Perhaps your SEO strategies simply do not work anymore. In this article, you will find some of the best practices that can help you build backlinks both effectively and without incurring Google’s wrath.

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1. Add an education section to your website

These days, the first thing one does when thinking to buy something, especially if it is the first time he/she buys something of the kind, is to do research online. If you add an education section to your website where you explain to your clients all the intricacies of the type of products you sell, you make sure they will not go looking for information elsewhere and potentially get sidetracked. What is even more important over the long term is that through such high-quality content you can reap dozens of high-value backlinks from websites referring to you as a reliable source of information. For example, if you run an electric tools shop and create a section detailing everything one needs to know when selecting a power drill, you can expect a lot of links from DIY sites – but you have to produce good content for that.

2. Hire a reliable guest blogging agency

Guest blogging is not what it used to be a decade ago. Not in the sense that it does not work – you simply have to change your approach. These days it is not enough to drop a dozen generic keyword-heavy posts on random shady blogs to hit page 1 on Google. You need long-form, well-written, content-heavy, high-value blog posts published on high authority domains to make any waves – and if you manage to do so, these ways can be truly impressive.

The job of finding appropriate websites, writing posts that would both drive home the value you offer and suit the webmaster of each particular site, coming to terms with them – all this, however, can be too trying if you run a business in the meantime. You will probably be much better off by delegating all this to a trustworthy agency – check out this sitehttp://luckyposting.comto see what services they offer and what can do for your business.

3. Share successful case studies with strategy authors

If you are in SEO, you are certain to read a number of blogs dedicated to the industry, and if there is something that is constant supply on them, it is strategies. Some of them work, some of them don’t, but if you adopt a strategy and it turns out to be a truly successful one, why not prepare a case study and share it with the strategy’s author? He/she will get a verified proof of the strategy’s efficiency to show off on the blog, and you will get a valuable backlink from an important influencer.

4. Promote your content on social media

It may sound obvious, but even among those marketers who promote their businesses on social media, many do this in a half-hearted, sporadic manner. What you need is, a) to create high-quality content that gives value, and b) to carefully follow conversations on social media and actively promote this content in a natural manner. Get seen. Listen to what people say about your brand, about your industry, about the problems your potential and current customers may be having and use them as opportunities to engage with them and share a useful piece of content. Just make sure it is truly useful.

5. Combine an affiliate program with coupons

By offering unique discount coupon codes and landing pages to your affiliates you will both be better able to share the success of your affiliate program and motivate your affiliates to be more active at sharing links to your products. They understand that offering a discount makes people more likely to buy, and thus increases their chances of getting their share.

Just don’t make discounts a basic and constant part of your strategy, or you may end up depending too much on customers who will not buy at all without a discount.

Building backlinks is one of the most important parts of modern SEO – you just cannot pay too much attention to it!