In this present time, an affiliate-marketing network became one of the biggest ways of earning money online for many businesses. If we talk about a few years ago, the affiliate marketing was considered as edge and marketers barrier. Now, affiliate network programs are treated as an effective and estimable approach for the promotion of products and helps in increasing conversion. Affiliate network marketing is leading with e-commerce websites and became one of the highest growth avenues in digital marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method, in which all the brands team-up with third party channels to promote their product and business. These affiliates share links to the products and help to earn a commission for sales by their content. There are several Affiliate Marketing sites like JvZoo which can help you earn a commission.

Here are the five most profitable affiliate network in 2020 is listed below:


This is one of the most preferable affiliate networks. In this network, there are two customer sets in affiliate marketing: one is an affiliate and other is a merchant. Affiliates use ShareASale to find the products to promote and then earn the commission for referrals on the products. ShareASale includes earnings per click, average sale amount and commission.

Advantages of ShareASale:

Easy to compare offers:

When anyone is trying to choose various offers, then ShareASale makes it very easy to evaluate these offers and this is based on the metrics.

Large partner network:

In a network there are 4000+ merchants including more than 1000 affiliates.


It is based on cost per action affiliate marketing network, which provides the opportunity to crypto affiliate marketers to become affiliates for different companies. It also provides extra money for the website visitor. MaxBounty works in the business niche and claims to have more than 1500 campaigns. It works with digital products usually about giving one’s email and signing up for a newsletter.

You can choose from MaxBounty campaigns such as CPA, CPL, and pay-per-call as per your choice. It involved a large number of verticals, which includes social games, dating, real estate, diet and many more, but primarily it is designed for marketers seeking to get new leads. The commission rate of MaxBounty is depended on the type of campaign.

CJ Affiliate:

It is considered as the biggest affiliate platforms online; if you have worked in the network of affiliate marketing space then you have probably come across them. It is an online advertising company, which is owned by Alliance data operating in the crypto affiliate marketing industry. It is a one-stop shop, which you can get in the affiliate network marketing business. It is relatively easy to compare and segment which makes it different from others.

CJ affiliate has more than three thousand advertising partners and has lots of creative sizes and link options. It also offers approx net-20 payment terms, which means that you will get a commission in a timely manner.


This is another huge affiliate-marketing network. It has more than ten years of experience in this field. It is an online lead generation and crypto affiliate marketing services for advertisers and publishers. This network provides a solid array of tools and features that will aid you in your campaigns. It also offers thousands of affiliate programs to promote your business and offers a various format of content delivery.

Flexoffers help to connect bloggers content creators and publishers with small, medium and large budget advertisers and brands. The best advantage of this network is if you refer it to someone, then they will generate income for you.


The VigLink works differently than other affiliate programs, and it is specially designed for bloggers. VigLink uses dynamic links and these links automatically change to work with merchants. The VigLink is offering the highest conversation rates and commission. In other words, the VigLinks works as a middleman between the merchant and publisher by scanning the publisher’s content and then create links to publishers which can be chosen “in real-time” and these all links are based on the conversation or payout rates.

VigLinks can work with all types of advertisers and merchants, but it cannot categorize them by “trends”. It is primarily about the selling physical products and works with some digital products and services.