If you are looking for an assortment of services and applications that are created by one of the world’s best creative industries, nothing comes close to the Adobe set of applications. The company provides an assortment of software that you can try before you purchase or subscribe to them.

It is true that utilizing all the features and functionalities of a powerful video editing suite like Adobe requires purchasing a license and paying a subscription fee. In recent years, several credible platforms like fixthephoto.com have emerged that have helped designers and editors with discounts and offers on Adobe. The charges are significantly lower if you opt to purchase the subscription through such platforms.

One such is the Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives you options to do a bunch of things such as web development, videography and creating brilliant images through photography. There are more than 20 different programs to choose from as well as tutorials for each one, so no matter what level you are, from a beginner to a professional, you can seek help and guidance every step of the way.

Let’s look at 5 of the many programs that this assortment offers.


You may have heard about this phrase “Photoshop” every time you look at a before and after image of something or someone. Chances are that the majority of the time the person has used this program to alter it or to improve the image to make it look ten times better.

As one of the most popular programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Photoshop has been rated one of the best for anyone. If you are scared of using complicated software or application to enhance your images, this would be the best one to work with to get you to grips with different ways you can enhance a photo. Click here to see a basic guide on how to do this.

This is a popular software especially among graphic designers, as it can be used to modify photos, create them from scratch, and make illustrations and sketches too. You can manipulate 3D art and also edit videos with it.


Possibly the most fun you can have on any program is on Illustrator. Creating anything from scratch is the primary function of this one and it is vector graphics software. To give you a simple explanation of this, it is a space that one can create anything based on points. The lines and curves are interconnected to shapes. You can scale them up or down very easily. So ideally you would be using a bunch of lines connected to produce an image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics

For those who want to create anything suitable for video, print, web or mobile, this would work. You can make anything from scratch, like a logo, a drawing of anything, create some typography and even create your color swatches with this software.


If you work in the publishing or advertising industry, you would have heard of InDesign. Used to work with creating and publishing companies, it has an in-built layout where you can import and export a typical magazine, book, poster or flyer, by designing it right in the application and add content, images and both small and big graphics to it.

As one of the industry-leading layout applications around, it can be used to make brilliant and professional-looking graphic designs from scratch, and you can save them as PDFs and send them to your clients and colleagues to look at. Making digital magazines, eBooks, and more has never been easier with this option.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Working in the film, television, music or movie industry can be brutal if you don’t have the right programs to help you create professional-looking moving images. However, the creative cloud suite also includes one for this purpose. This video-editing software enables you to work on web, TV content and even film. You can make and edit short films, music videos, and enhance their quality, as well as change their color and manipulate the actions to a slow-mo mode or a faster mode, and also add graphics to it.


Are you into animation? The good news is, the Character Animation option lets you work on various forms of animations and transform an image into an animation. They have templates you can choose from and also add expressions and movements to the animation, with real-time footage. Almost like juxtaposing the real with the cartoon characters.

Other Brilliant Programs to Choose from

Besides the 5 ones mentioned above, there are still other options you can choose to work with which almost all creative and other industries use daily. These include:

Lightroom Classic: a photo editing app for desktop and mobile

Animate: a vector-based app to help you create unique animations, that are interactive, and a brilliant tool for video games, and the web.

Bridge: a program that lets you stay organized, it can help you batch edit multiple files at once and share them with others. You can also preview them, as well as browse through them, almost like you would with the folders on your desktop, just better.

Dreamweaver: this is a unique web design application that makes it very easy to build a website page, edit it and more. Responsive sites are often built either from scratch via coding, or through software such as Dreamweaver. It supports multiple programming languages, for instance, CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

In Copy, Prelude, and more are also part of the creative cloud. If you haven’t tried any of these yet, there is no better time than now.