Smartphones have become the technical support for almost all daily activities. Whether booking a cab, ordering food online, or staying in touch with your friends, the online platform has provided access to a whole new world of communication. Life now seems impossible without an internet connection. But is it really so?

Have you ever wondered why the internet connection has become such an integral part of your life? Maybe for work purposes, you have to be online and attend the calls on your phone. But what after work hours? There is a general trend that people start feeling helpless with a sense of dread if the phone goes offline. So here, you get a list of things that oy can still do when the phone does not have an internet connection.

  • Make memories with photos

In the era of society where social media is the dominating power, many of you have forgotten that photos are not only for uploading on social media sites. The images on your phone can be the most wonderful collage of memories.

When traveling to remote locations where there is no internet connectivity, click random photos. You don’t need to be online for clicking the pictures on the phone’s camera. It is possible to buy the premium phones as the p50 pro priceand prices of other reputed brands have become more affordable. You get access to a high-quality camera on the phone that aids in clicking nice pictures of high resolution. 

  • Listen to music

Laptops and news feeds have destroyed the simple flow of human life. If you love music, then switch off the internet connection and listen to your favorite songs that you can load on the phone.

  • Premium smartphone manufacturers are using highly advanced sound technology that will enhance the experience of listening to music on the phone.
  • A variety of headphones and ear pods are available in the market that makes it more convenient to listen to your favorite numbers even as you are working.

You can even subscribe to internet-based music streaming services that allow downloading the songs and playing them on loop offline. 

  • Read the eBooks

It is true that the modern generation is losing interest in reading physical books. But the, digital media has been successful in shifting the habit of reading to the online platform. And now, the good news is, you don’t have to be online all the time to read eBooks. Download the books and then read them offline without any distraction. All you need is an app that will support eBooks.

  • Enjoy exploring new places with offline maps

Maps have made it easy to navigate through unknown roads anywhere, anytime. You can find new places and know each turn and lane of a place thoroughly to guide others professionally. But what will happen if you explore a place without an internet connection? Don’t worry, for the smartphone can still support you to get around without internet access.

Google Maps offer complete offline access to the maps for turn-by-turn navigation. However, it is essential to save the offline area either to the microSD card or device. It will help you use the maps as you do when you are online. 

  • Watch videos and movies

If you have got some free time, forget about browsing social media. Switch off the internet connection and start watching the videos from your personal gallery. You will find yourself smiling naturally as you re-live the happy moments with friends, family, or of some solo trips.

The notable improvement in the smartphone display technologies in recent years will enhance the experience of watching movies on the huge display of the phone. It is a great way to enjoy the time without being online.

Get rid of addictions

Internet activities have pulled every smartphone user’s attention and set the perfect trap to engross you with dazzling social media sites and online applications. Before you develop an addiction beyond control, it is better to restrict yourself by staying offline as long as possible. These activities will help you forget thinking about the things you are possibly missing by staying offline.