Selecting a reliable nearshore development partner is essential, as well as a typical task for any business owner. The decision becomes even more critical if you have a lean startup.

Also, with broad access to developers around the world, it’s easy to get excited and pick an outsource partner in a hurry. However, it requires a lot of research before hiring a development team from another country, or you may end up failing the project.

Here are a few things you need to know to find the best match for your startup projects-

Consider Development Partners With Same Time Zones 

One of the biggest motivators behind the IT companies using nearshore outsourcing is that the developers are in the same time zone. If not same, they are in a time zone quite similar to the working hours of the company.

Since it is essential to build effective outsourcing relationships, you should opt for places with comparable time zones in the beginning. You will be able to discuss the real-time problems with your development partners and get the issues resolved. Further, geographical proximity also destroys the language barrier so that you can communicate effectively.

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Make Sure That They Match With Your Areas Of Core Concern

There are so many queries you may ask during an initial telephonic conversation. By doing so, you ensure that your potential partner is a good match for your startup and projects. You can ask questions about their strategy for software development. Ask for two to three references to avoid being their first customer.

Further, you can talk about the most common risks to software outsourcing connection and how they will mitigate them. Also, inquire about the latest software development methodologies.

Look For Experience, Quality, And Productivity

Your Nearshore software development partners must use a mature to accomplish the task. As the providers gain experience with long-term engagements in the form of service agreements, their efficiency also increases.

Pick a development partner who can show you projects completed, and give reference of the clients relevant to your company. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with asking statistics for task completion, turnaround times, etc.

As you begin with the first project, make sure that the development partner shares your mindset. Choose a provider with knowledge of agile methodology that works best in your startup environment.

IP Protection Is A Must To Consider

Intellectual Property or IP is a crucial part of outsourcing that must be considered while moving the business operations. According to this, the company’s ideas must be protected under the law if it is going to develop software in another country. The US laws provide powerful protection for IP, which is a significant factor for its success in software development.

Prefer Quality Over Cost

During startups, resources are limited, and the cost is an issue. Many of the companies consider going onshore in an attempt to save money. However, nearshore provides a huge pool of talent than outsourcing a project to a nearby team. So, don’t compromise quality for the sake of a few bucks.

Depending upon the size of the development project, ask your team to work closely with the outsourced partners. Nearshore offers you the best of both the worlds by providing lower-cost developers in the same time zone. Eventually, with the success of your project, you will make huge profits in the long run.


You might feel reluctant while outsourcing a task to a nearshore developer. However, with a nearshore development partner, you have a highly-skilled team to get your job done. Moreover, you get a chance to leverage the benefit of talent across the border.