A leaky drain and a drippy pipe can cause a tiny catastrophe at times. It is better to know some suggestions that have to be followed during such damages. Before doing the restoration of the home from water damage by yourselves, it’s better to know the severity and the cause of the damage. If the damage is due to pipes or drains, the whole situation can be controlled by ourselves. But in case of floods or any other big disasters, it is better to call the professionals for the restoration of the home. In both cases, this listing can help you to understand the things that can be done by ourselves in emergency situations, like a first-aid, to prevent the home from big damages.

  1.     Drying out the water

Once you identify a emergency water damage at home, the first step that needs to be done is eliminating the water before it could do more damage and start drying the area as soon as possible. Use equipment like a dehumidifier or fan to dry out the area. If the clothes and wood furniture are drenched, keep them in sunlight for some time to prevent the growth of microorganisms in those surfaces due to the high moisture level.

  1.     Detachment of outlets

It is very mandatory to switch off or unplug all the electric appliances like fridge, oven, dishwasher and every other big one in home to prevent electric shocks or sometimes an explosion in the worst case. Since no one can predict the possible damages that a water leak can cause at the moment when you see one, it is better to unplug the gas outlets too.

  1.     Drive out mould

Mould can survive freely in a water damaged area due to the high humidity. Some strains of moulds can be dangerous to us, and hence it is a wise decision to mitigate the issue. The presence of such toxic moulds can irritate our skin and cause infection. In some cases, it can even affect our respiratory system. If the mould starts to grow in small levels, cut them off in deep and throw it out of the home. If the mould starts growing in larger levels, it is better to call a mould removal company, as they can remove everything effectively. In other ways, we can use some harsh chemicals to remove them from the root and to eliminate its spread all over the home.

  1.     Damaged items removal

Since water damage can be very severe based on the time period that the water is inside the home and the quantity of water involved in the damage, protecting our possessions is important after protecting us. Try evacuating the floor wherever the water has accumulated before much damage. Use rubber gloves and protective clothing to avoid contact with the flooded water. More importance has to be given to the important paper documents like certificates and rescue them first. Later discard the highly damaged items without a second thought as the contamination can be more in such things.

  1.     Disinfection of the area

After cleaning all the water out of the home, the final and most important step in the water damage restoration is the sanitization of the area. It is a well-known fact that the moisture containing area is the most cosy and comfortable home for all the toxic and non-toxic microorganisms. All the bacteria, virus, algae and fungi can grow happily in such places. To prevent this, disinfection of the area is required. Use chemical disinfectants and spray them generously to all the places wherever the water enters. A deep cleaning is needed to avoid any foul smells and to get rid of all the pathogenic organisms.

If the damage is at a larger level, a professional service team can be called to avoid wrong steps. Services like Emergency home solutions are doing their best services in Orange County water damage. There are more than 50 services available in case of emergency water damage in San Diego. It is always better to choose the restoration service based on the nearest availability and the one with the best reviews. After doing all the possible things that can be done by yourself, go for the professionals to come over for the rescue. Always know the dealers and emergency services that are nearby your places and get their contact numbers saved in your emergency contact book. During the times of disaster, the emergency contact book can come in handy, as no one can surf online to get the details of such services. In case of emergency water damage in San Diego, there are many professional service companies available. Pick the one nearby your home for the fastest service.

There are separate services available for mould removal too. Since the mould growth cannot be found in minutes after the disaster, make an appointment with such services after one or two days. Even after sanitization of the whole home, there are chances of mould coming back due to the high moisture level. Hence, always do the mould removal after some days of the damage.