The legal practice is unique in many regards. As a result, effective brand marketing for law firms needs to take this into account. Given how important effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns are for effective marketing in the modern age, law firms need to engage SEO agencies.

Furthermore, the engaged agency must understand the marketing and brand awareness needs of law firms and can come through for them. To this end, this piece reviews 6 SEO agencies claiming to offer law firms SEO services.

1. Chicago SEO Scholar

There are three categories for assessing SEO agencies for law firms. There’s the outstanding, average, and below-par option. After some serious research into the services of Chicago SEO Scholar, it can be boldly said that this agency is outstanding. It is definitely one of the best there is.

There are several reasons for this stance from various parties – clients, expert analysts, and industry professionals. For starters, there are loads of positive remarks about the service quality of this agency on credible platforms, especially from law firms in Chicago,where it is based. For example, it is rated 5-star on Google, well-rated on and accredited by the BBB, and the list goes on.

Its wealth of experience offering various SEO services such as web design, social media marketing, lead generation, and content marketing and its unquestionable commitment to excellence are major reasons for this. For example, its website clearly states that there is a limit to the number of clients it would work with at any given time. This is to ensure that every one of its clients gets real value and achieves the desired marketing results.

Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226

2. Rocket Clicks

This agency has been involved in the online marketing industry for over a decade. While it is safe to say that there are some experienced yet average or below-par SEO companies, Rocket Clicks is both experienced and very good at what they do.

As reported by several of its interviewed clients, prospective clients would be dealing with an online marketing company capable and willing to boost its client’s revenue. This is through increased generation of quality leads and sales.

Some of the services that Rocket Clicks offers include – Content development, development of online strategy, social media marketing, and pay-per-click services. You can click here to find out about what pay-per-click services can offer.

3. LawRank

LawRank fits the real description of an SEO agency that has made a name for itself – offering marketing services specifically to clients in the legal trade. As a result of several of its online marketing services, including content creation, pay-per-click, and website design, many of its clients in the legal trade have experienced increased revenue.

This is thanks to the quality of LawRank’s SEO-related services. It is also worth mentioning that the company’s founder, Marco Hernandez, has a wealth of industry experience offering online marketing services to law firms. This explains why the company and its founder have been vastly featured in several notable publications, including Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Lawyerist.

4. Search Geek Solutions

Just as expected of an outstanding SEO agency for law firms, Search Geek Solutions does enough to ensure that its clients achieve increased online traffic and generate leads. In addition to this, the company’s transparency in utilizing assessment tools is remarkable.

As a result of this, many of its clients see things firsthand. That includes how much progress is being made with marketing campaigns.Transparency and accountability to its clients are some of the things that make it a worthy company. For more details on the importance of transparency when running digital marketing campaigns, you can visit

5. Sixth Media

Sixth Media has not done badly in offering its services to its clients. Unlike a lot of agencies on this list, Sixth Media does not offer its online marketing services exclusively to clients in the legal trade. For example, it has as many clients in the healthcare industry as it does in the legal industry.

Some analysts may argue that this translates to a company that is not focused on addressing the SEO needs of a specific kind of client. Well, the numbers do not lie, and if we have to take the numbers seriously, the fact is that Sixth Media comes through for many of its clients. This includes clients in the legal practice.

6. Neon Ambition

For the record, this company has made the list of fastest-growing privately owned establishments in the country. One of the implications is that it has gotten so much patronage over the years, and this points to one fact – service quality.

Many of its clients end up satisfied because they get real value for the money spent. It is also a result of the company’s commitment to keeping clients updated with the level of progress at various points in time.


Optimal online visibility is essential for effective brand marketing today. Even law firms must bear this in mind. To this end, some of the best agencies that can help generate massive and quality leads and increased revenue through their top-notch services have been briefly discussed here. So, law firms should make informed marketing decisions going forward.