Convenience and comfort are the most important factors when it comes to traveling from one place to another. And if you can enjoy these benefits while saving some bucks, it is certainly one of the best things to have. So when it comes to booking your cabs, you can always find special booking offers that save you hundreds.

So what are the different types of Cab Booking Offers which are available every now and then and help you save big.

1. Outstation Cabs Discounts

If you are traveling outstation alone or in a group, you can book cabs and avail special discounts with the right coupons.  When traveling outstation, you will usually expect a decent bill. However, with the right coupons, the cost can be cut down by up to Rs. 500. Such offers usually come without any limitations on routes or travel dates.

2. Book Self Car Drives & Save More

Many people love to self drive rental cars. If you dig a little, you can find coupons that give you the chance to drive cars of your choice while saving hundreds or even thousands.

For example, there are Cab Booking Offers from time to time that give you flat discounts of up to Rs. 1000 if you make bookings of certain amounts. You can book self-drive cars through app or website and avail such discounts.

3. 50% Cashback Plus 50% Cashback

If you are lucky, you can often come across coupons that help you get massive discounts such as 50% cashback plus 50% cashback. For example, Zoomcar often comes up with offers on their self car ride service. When you book, you can get flat discount of 50% plus an additional 50% cashback. Besides, you can also get a chance to win free flight and holiday vouchers.

4. Special Discounts on Cards

When you book a cab, it is recommended to use your bank cards. It is highly likely that there can be a coupon that helps you save up to 20% when you use cards from certain banks. There are often coupons that provide you such discounts on Myles.

For example, when you book with Myles and pay with your ICICI Bank or IndusInd Bank card, you can avail coupons that offer discounts of up to 20%. Sometimes, these offers are available when booking self-drive cars. These offers are usually available on all vehicles and in all cities and on all days.

5. Spend More, Save More

The universal law of ‘spend more, save more’ also applies to the world of cab booking. You can often come across Cab Booking Offers that give you more discounts if you spend more. For example, there are often coupons that give you discounts up to 20% when you spend up to Rs. 5000 on booking. So if it is a long-distance travel requirement or you are booking multiple or exotic vehicles, you could be saving more.

6. First-Time User Discounts

If you are booking a cab for the first time, you can consider yourself to be slightly privileged. Many cab service providers would be eager to provide you with special discounts to win you over and turn you into a repeat client. For example, when you spend first time with Myles Cars, you can often find coupons that help you earn discounts of up to Rs. 550 if you spend a specific account.

Often times, the discounts can be as high as Rs. 750 when you book a cab. Thus, there are many kinds of coupons that help you save tons when you book a cab. Whether you like to be driven around or choose a self-drive car, make sure to look for special coupons.