As a physical store owner, it can be difficult to attract new customers. Maybe your business is brand new or you’re struggling to compete with ecommerce giants like Amazon.

But just because it’s hard to stand out as a brick-and-mortar business doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are ways to attract more foot traffic and gain new customers, and in this article, we’ll go over seven of them.

Here they are:

  1. Get creative with your signage

When you own a physical store, you can use signs to grab people’s attention. These could be signs in the window, signs on your storefront, or displays outside your store.

Consider investing in high-quality outdoor signage to make your store more noticeable. You could also get creative by creating a monument or painting a mural on an outside wall of your store.

The more unique your custom signs are, the more they’ll stand out.

  1. Keep your store clean

The inside of your store needs to be kept clean. This creates a more inviting atmosphere and helps your customers feel more comfortable.

So regularly vacuum, sweep, dust, mop, and wipe down dirty areas. Don’t forget to clean the windows, too. Try to make your store as clean as a dentist’s office.

  1. Make the entrance inviting

The entrance is perhaps the most important part of your store. Why? Because it’s the first part that visitors see and it gets the most foot traffic since everyone is funneled through it.

To make a good impression, you want the entrance to your store to be as inviting as possible. There are a few ways you can make this happen:

Start by keeping the doorway clear at all times so there are no obstacles when entering. Consider installing automatic doors to make entering (and exiting) as frictionless as possible.

You may also consider laying down a red welcome mat. Nothing screams special treatment for customers more than a red carpet.

  1. Use the right lighting

Lighting is another important aspect of your store’s appearance, especially if it is open after dark.

You have many options here. You can get architectural lighting to light up your store from the outside. You can also invest in lighting effects like strobe lights and different colors (including neon colors).

Get creative with the lighting to draw more attention.

  1. Rotate through window displays

Window displays are a common way to attract potential customers. They allow passersby to window shop without the pressure of actually going inside the store.

To make your window displays as effective as possible, make sure to keep them up to date. Use them to advertise current promotions and recent product lines. This will help encourage impulse sales.

The more compelling your window displays, the more business they will help generate.

  1. Be strategic with the store layout

Inside the store, you want to be strategic about how it is laid out. Create clear pathways to different sections of the store and clearly label what each contains.

At the front of your store is a great place to put your best and newest products on display. Why? Because that’s where they’ll get the most impressions.

You might also consider including a seated area somewhere. That way, shoppers (or those accompanying shoppers) can have a place to rest if they get tired, and they won’t have to leave the store to do so.

Getting the perfect store layout and making the right product placements is an art. But with a little thought, it can make a big difference.

  1. Hire the right staff

Lastly, your store staff should be friendly, present, and always willing to help. So try to hire staff whose personalities best fit the job.

But even if your store staff isn’t the best fit, that’s okay. You can still train them to improve over time by having them practice their greetings, eye contact, and smiles.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, making your brick-and-mortar store stand out is all about appealing to your potential customers. Try to make a good first impression and the customers will come. You’ll see.