If you are reading this blog,your career is important for you, and you want to enhance your skills. Experience and practice will help you become a better programmer, but so will do learning. Some people think that learning implies studying hundreds of books and writing thousands of lines, but the truth is that it all comes to the tools you use.

Here is an essential list of tools all beginner software developers should study and know how to use. It doesn’t matter the type of app you plan to use, it will make programming easier and it will boost your performance.

1.      Phyton

You may be a Java developer, but you should also learn Phyton because it will serve you in accessing better positions. You have a reason to learn this programming language, it’s quite versatile and object-oriented, so it will allow you to access certain programs, many of your colleagues cannot.

Phyton offers the possibility to create the same applications as Java does, but the difference is that when using it you can create scripts and automate certain tasks. This programming language has multiple models that offer you countless possibilities, from including machine learning into the apps you develop, to creating web apps.

You are a beginner, so you probably face difficulties in learning a computer language. Phytonwith its programmer-friendly syntax can ease the process.

2.      Git and GitHub

For delivering a functional app, you have to conduct multiple checks, and you can perform them only if you have extended knowledge of a source of control repository. To improve your skills you will also have to learn more about merging and branching. Git and GitHub are some of the best source control repositories and version control tools, so it’s important for you to learn them.


GitHub has recently created the code Atom. It’s simple to use it, which is crucial for a beginner programmer. While seasoned developers use a feature-complex IDE for completing their projects, you will find it perfect for hacking at scripts and working on smaller projects. What makes it special is the markdown preview mode, an essential feature when you are using Readme files.

3.      SQL

We have suggested earlier that alongside Java, you should also learn Phyton. SQL is another tool you should know to use if you want to become a great programmer. The Standard Query Language is used when working with databases. You will use it to perform multiple actions in tables, from updating information, to reading, and analysing it. Databases are highly used in the IT world, so having knowledge of SQL is essential.

While all programmers know basic commands like DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, an expert knows how to create complex queries and how to use advanced features.

4.      Evernote

A good programmer is always learning something new, but sometimes you can reach a limit of information you can hold in your brain. You are daily reading new articles on technologies you can use to improve your code, shortcuts that can ease your work, and practices you have to follow to create flawless software, but you cannot simply remember all of them. Evernote will function similar to an external brain, it keeps the information for you to access it when needed. From commands you want to remember, to articles you want to re-read and shortcuts that will save time, it can all be stocked there. Evernote is a cloud-based solution, so you can access it no matter your location.

5.      Excel

Excel is more than a software that allows you to create spreadsheets. Excel can help you more than you imagine. All software experts are using Excel, so if you lack the knowledge you will find difficult to complete many projects. No matter the specific of the business, everyone is using this tool. It can generate reports, automate tasks, and do many other actions you will have to perform.

6.      Container platforms

Container platforms are a great solution for building, managing and securing applications, so you should gain knowledge on some of them if you want to develop functional software. While there are many container platforms on the market, you should focus on two of the most important ones, Docker and Kubernetes. Nowadays, container platforms are highly used to package code, so it’s important to know how to use some of them

Don’t consider the relationship Kubernetes vs Docker a rivalry one, they are different technologies that can help your code in different ways. You should use them both if you want to develop a successful app.

7.      Text editors

All successful programmers know at least one text editor perfectly. You will do a lot of text processing, and knowing how to use this type of tool will ease your work. Beginner programmers tend to use NotePad, which is a great text editor, but it comes with basic features. So once you master it, you should not limit your knowledge to a single text editor, you should also learn how to use one of the advanced tools like Sublime. Complex programs help you extensively with your daily work because they can replace and Macros.

8.      Unity

If you plan to get a jobin the gaming industry, you should focus on learning how to use some specific tools. Unity is a free game engine you can use to design multi-platform games. Some developers consider too difficult to learn how to use it, but it recently received some improvements that allow even beginners to access it. So determination is all you need! The developer has decided to provide multiple tutorials for programmers to help them to better understand the complexity of the engine. Game development should no longer be considered an industry only experienced programmers can access. If you are dipping your feet into learning how to use various tools and exploring multiple types of programming, you will have no problems to do it.

Learning how to use the above tools will improve your skills and where do you count that you will probably have a lot of fun while learning?