Oracle Cloud is committed to consistent innovation, pushing quarterly updates for improved features, functionality, and security. Oracle 23C is one of the updates in this series that improves supply chain management, finance, and human capital management modules. Thus, there is a high chance that existing functionalities may be affected or altered. So, ensuring the continuity of business operations becomes imperative. Testing is one of the critical facets that help implement every Oracle update comprehensively and accurately. 

Understanding the Concept of Oracle 23C Update

Oracle releases its quarterly updates in the following manner:-




Oracle 23C is a long-term release and enables data engineers and developers to access formats for each use without getting concerned about data mapping, data structure, and data consistency. They are now empowered to execute graph analytics on top of relational and JSON data. Furthermore, some features come with a 23C update, which will help monitor workflow tasks and resolve exceptions for accounting coding workflow. It is easy to design and manage workflow rules using spreadsheets with simplified workflow rules configuration. Moreover, an intercompany feature also comes into the picture that has eliminated the reforming of the import process.

Oracle 23C Updates in Different Modules

Functional Updates in Human Capital Management

● Improvements in areas of responsibility usage

● “Tag” is added as a new attribute in Document Type to classify and group document types while creating or editing.

● Multiple occurrence checks are also added at the assignment level while designing document records.

● Autocomplete rules enable in-person business objects for Hirji date of birth for an individual in Saudi Legal Employer.

Financial Update 

Different Oracle 23C releases are there in this module. Let’s discuss them one by one

Common Financials: Workflow rules can be created and managed using spreadsheets and simplified workflow rules configurations. Moreover, multiple approval actions can also be achieved on the same rule conditions. Moreover, the intercompany update in the financial module helps correct the intercompany transaction.

Supply Chain Management

The Oracle 23C release in this module will help in manufacturing and procurement. Now, businesses can monitor workflow activities and address exceptions for account coding workflow. For instance, if the job related to Account Coding Workflow fails, then businesses can download the search results to a spreadsheet in CSV format.

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Codeless Test Automation: As it is a no-code test automation tool, even a non-technical user can participate in the process of testing. It leverages new-age technology, like AI, that streamlines the testing process. 

Self-Healing Test Scripts: Its self-healing test technology ensures that tests are not broken whenever modifications are made.

Test Discovery: Opkey mines process logs to immediately discover the tests and recognise the coverage.