PDF is an excellent file format used in most workplaces. The main reason behind the excellency of this format is that it shows compatibility with every platform and doesn’t catch malware. Whether you are a Mac user or a Windows enjoyer, working with PDFs is not complicated at all. Moreover, PDFs are the best format for sharing confidential information with your colleague.

However, major operating systems have no built-in PDF editing tool, meaning you cannot edit PDF files’ content without the help of a supportive PDF editor. Be at ease because this problem can easily be solved using a cost-effective and user-friendly PDF editor, UPDF. Apart from editing, this super-fast tool enables you to annotate, convert, organize, and crop documents.

Part 1: How to Edit a PDF with UPDF

UPDF is the one-stop PDF editor solution for tackling PDF-linked problems. Whether you are a salesperson working on different agreements or a lawyer managing different legal documents, this tool can help everyone. It can edit different elements of PDFs, such as text, images, links, watermarks, and much more. Students can make their presentations engaging by changing the color of the background and text.

The best part of this intuitive tool is that it doesn’t compromise the formatting and quality of the document. Without any technical assistance, you can get hold of the text properties like font, style, color, and many others. Are you curious to learn how to edit a PDF using UPDF? We have jotted down all the steps to help you edit PDFs from different angles, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Initiate Editing

Download UPDF from the official website and install it on your device. After successful installation, right-click on the “UPDF” icon and select the “Open” option from the pop-up window. Now tap the “Open File” button and import your preferred document in the tool. Once the file opens, go to the “Edit PDF” tool present at the left tool panel to start the editing process.

Step 2: Perform Text Editing

Move your mouse to the text you want to edit, and click on it. A purple boundary will appear on it, double click on the text. You can now change the text style, size, color, etc., using the toolbar that appears around the text. If you want to delete or copy the text, press right-click on the text and choose the preferred option.

Step 3: Perform Image Editing

To edit the image, select it and double-click on it. After doing so, a toolbar containing multiple image editing options will pop up. Using these options, you can extract, replace, and crop the image. Apart from that, the image can be rotated in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. To change the size of the image, drag the border handles present around the image.

Step 4: Perform Link Editing

Double-click on the link and tap the “Adjustment Parameter” icon if you want to edit a link. A new window will appear from where you can customize the “Link Style,” “Line Type,” and “Line Thickness” options. The border color and location of the link can also be changed.

Step 5: Perform Page Tools Editing

Next, proceed with the “Page Tools” option and select the “Header and Footer” option. On the right side, a toolbar will appear from where click on the “Edit Header and Footer” icon. Now, you can edit the layout, size, content, color, and margin. Similarly, choose the “Background” option and tap the “Edit Background” icon. From the new side window, manage background color, ratio, and opacity to edit the PDF background.

Afterward, choose the “Watermark” option at the top navigation bar and click on the “Edit Watermark” icon. Multiple options for watermark editing will appear, which you can use to change opacity, content, font, and much more. After making all the desired editing in the PDF document, save the changes by pressing “Ctrl + S” or “Command + S” according to your device.

Part 2: Why People Prefer UPDF as Compared to Adobe Acrobat

The above instructions would be helpful for those searching for how to edit a PDF. Undoubtedly, Adobe Acrobat was used in offices and workplaces, but now gradually, UPDF is taking control. To know why UPDF is becoming a popular tool for editing, annotating, rotating, cropping, and organizing PDF files, read the following points:

1. Need No Technical Assistance

Adobe Acrobat users know that working on it is very difficult, and without proper training, you cannot use it properly. In contrast, UPDF is a user-friendly tool because all the features of this tool are well-organized. You don’t have to watch the lengthy user-guide tutorials to edit PDFs.

Moreover, Adobe Acrobat requires multiple clicks to perform a single task, while UPDF allows you to work at a blazing-fast speed by doing a job in just a few clicks.

2. Filled with Advanced Features

Adobe Acrobat rarely has advanced features, due to which most people don’t enjoy using it. To work in this advanced world, you must have a tool that is loaded with modern features. UPDF proves to be the best rescuer because it offers those features which are absent in Adobe Acrobat.

Furthermore, on UPDF, you can create a slideshow of your PDF file whenever you want. Scanned handwritten documents can also be made searchable and editable with a breeze using its advanced and cost-efficient OCR technology.

3. Available at an Affordable Price

UPDF is well known for its cost-effectiveness because it offers affordable subscription plans convenient for students and low-business professionals. In comparison, Adobe Acrobat is not an affordable tool because of its huge price tag. In addition to this, its Standard version doesn’t support most of the advanced features which are a daily requirement of offices.

Above all, UPDF’s one license can be used to edit PDFs on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This is the reason why people are more inclined towards UPDF as compared to Adobe Acrobat.


It is clear that UPDF is the best tool that can be used by professionals and students for managing PDFs. This user-friendly tool offers multiple features to edit PDFs, which are absent in most PDF editors. It can also add stickers, stamps, and shapes to the documents to make them eye-catching. If you are looking for a modern tool at an affordable price, go for UPDF.