Disney Plus offers great content like Disney cartoons, Marvel, and Pixar movies. You can stream and watch Disney Plus on your computer, as it is available on PC, Mac, and Chrome books, as well as your Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Android, iOS, Chromecast, and more. Disney Plus also offers the ability to download movies and TV shows on iOS and Android so you can watch them on a train, plane, or bus without having to worry about Wi-Fi. But, if you are thinking of watching Disney Plus offline on PC, we will tell you that the download function is not available on PC and Mac.

Disney Plus has some limitations when it comes to offline viewing. You can download Disney Plus movies and TV shows on your iOS or Android, but you can’t transfer or watch them on your PC. And you need to log in to Disney Plus every 30 days so that your downloads don’t expire. As far as your phone space is concerned, storing so many videos on your Smartphone is not recommended. If you are watching Disney Plus on PC and Mac without the above limitations, we recommend you to use Pazu Disney plus Video Downloader.

Now that we know that it supports a lot of movies and TV shows, you might want to download some videos to play offline. 

Download Disney Plus videos on Windows/Mac

While it’s unfortunate that Disney Plus doesn’t allow downloads on Windows 10 or macOS, please don’t worry, the following method will show you how to download Disney + movies, or TV shows offline to your PC or Mac. To download Disney + video offline on a computer, we need Pazu Disney + video downloader to help us. Pazu Disney + Video Downloader is mainly used to download movies or TV shows from Disney + and keep subtitles and audio tracks in MP4 or MKV format. It provides users with both Windows and Mac versions.

First, click the button above to download the relevant version, depending on your system. Here we take download Disney+ videos to MP4 for the Windows version. The Mac versions have the same steps. Click to install and launch Video Downloader on your PC.

1. Downloading settings.

Click the Settings tab in the top right corner of the window to set the output format, video quality, and so on. You can select MP4 or MKV output from the download settings option as video format. And you can set the download video quality, audio type, subtitle language, output folder, and more to suit your needs.

2. Add videos from Disney plus

You can use it to find and add video titles. Or you can copy the URL of a Disney + video and paste or drag a link to the video to add.

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to log in with your Disney + account to proceed.

After login, the search results will now be listed on the program.

Please note that Pazu Disney + Video Downloader will not remove any information from your account. 

3. Select audio tracks and subtitles.

Pazu Disney + Video Downloader ads advanced download settings to allow you to select audio tracks and subtitles as needed. If you are trying to download a TV show, just click on the download icon, then a window will pop up, allowing you to select titles as well as seasons and select audio tracks and subtitles by clicking “Advanced Downloads” at the bottom left. Corner If you are trying to download a movie, please click the Advanced icon to open the window.

4. Start downloading.

Now you can click the download button to get started.

5. Find downloaded videos.

After downloading, you can click on the “Library” – “Folder Icon” to find the downloaded video directly.


If you want to watch Disney Plus videos on your mobile iOS or Android device and download them to play offline, you can use the built-in download feature of the Disney + app directly. However, when you want to download Disney + movies or TV shows to your PC or your Mac and then transfer to a USB drive or cast to another device, Pazu Disney + Video Downloader is a wise option.