Today, we will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying second hand tech. These days, tech are indispensable but they do not come cheap. So, for some people, buying second hand tech is always an option.

These days, we all need cell phones and getting a reliable one is not cheap. From sending text messages, making calls, surfing the net for informations, or ordering of food online especially at this time of pandemic, we all need a good cell phone. A good laptop can costs you thousands of dollars and software is expensive too. For those who has a tight budget, buying second hand tech is an alternative.

Buying second hand tech is cheaper compared to buying a brand new tech. Some second hand tech will sell for half of their original price depending on the brand and product. Buying second hand tech means saving on money that you could use to buy other needy things and this is an advantage of buying second hand tech.

The down side or disadvantage is that most second hand tech do not have proof of purchase in case you want to make a warranty claim. Seldom will you find a company that allows for the transfer of a warranty to a second hand owner. Some retailer selling second hand tech might give you a limited warranty in case you need it. This will be a plus in deciding on whether to make the purchase.

Not everyone goes for the newest or the greatest tech in the market. If you are just using the laptop for checking emails, Facebook or other social media accounts, watching of videos or movies, etc. you will just need a middle range laptop and a second hand laptop of about two to three years old will be able to serve you well. The same goes for digital cameras and phones.

Many have bought second hand tech on eBay and they are quite happy with their purchase. eBay is an online auction site and is a safe place to purchase anything. Shopping at eBay is no exception, we need to be extra careful in order we do not get ripped off by some scammer. Here are some tips to safeguard yourself.

• Avoid impulse buying.
• Check out and read up on the seller, his or her ratings.
• Check out the seller’s positive feedback. Check for any bad conduct.
• Check when the account was opened, preferably over a year old account.
• Do not just look at the picture of the item but to read the complete description of the item to avoid falling into deceptive tactics.
• Never deal or pay seller outside of eBay to ensure your safety.
• Once you have purchased the item, shipping second hand tech tracking number will be posted by the seller to show that the item is on the way to your address.
• If the item received is broken, has mismatched description, or different from the image, buyer has 30 days to return the item. If proven the buyer is right, eBay will refund the buyer.