So you’ve used Trello and love it, but its premium version is not cheap. It also needs plug-ins for enhanced performance features, such as exporting capabilities, data insights, and high-level views. If you think that you couldn’t live without Trello, think again. Many alternatives to Trello are not only cheaper but also equally qualified to manage and organize your workflow.

Since its launch, Trello has gained popularity with over 25 million sign-upsin a year. Users soon figured out its limitations. Its cards are limited to one board, have limited email integration and labels, and few keyboard shortcuts. Why settle for these limitations, when you can find an alternative that can overcome these cons?

The explainer below will help you choose the best alternative.

Highly Customizable

With each project having unique requirements, you need a tool that can be customized to meet the specific project needs. You should be able to integrate the Kanban board with other external tools and features. Integration helps customize boards for projects and make for an efficient workflow. It also allows for team collaboration and inviting outside members to join the board. Being able to add custom fields is an added advantage.

Open Source

Trello is closed sourced and allows only one power-up extension for the free account. If you need more than one power-up, you will need to bump up to the paid version. This is not the case with open-source project tracking software.

Open-source software is easy to download and use. They also have the added advantage of integrating with many community-created tools at no extra cost. In all, an open-source tool will not only provide many integration options but will end up being cheaper.

Switch Views

Projects are dynamic and should not be viewed from one direction only. For example, merely looking at a project from a calendar view does not do justice to it. You should have the option to view it from a dashboard view, a task scheduling perspective (Gantt charts), Kanban view, and cost view. This 360-degree view of the project allows you to make strategic decisions in real-time.

Easy Reporting

Generating regular reports is another feature that you should consider in the alternatives to Trello. Providing cost estimates, creating expense reports, and billable hours’ reports are essential features in a project management tool. This requires being able to club accounting functionalities with scheduling tools to develop a robust reporting mechanism.

Team Capacity Estimates

When you onboard a new project, not only should you be able to get its cost estimates, but also provide resource allocation reports. The tool analyzes the team capacity and the project requirements and matches the right members of the project. It also checks the member availability and cost to provide a project cost estimate and time estimate.

Mobile Versions

In this day, it is hard to imagine having a project management software that does not have a mobile version. When collaborating with a global workforce, it becomes necessary to integrate with mobile phones to send alerts to teams as tasks are assigned. Your team may be spread across geographic locations, and mobile connectivity ensures they are current on all project developments.

Instant Connectivity

Physical boundaries do not limit projects; neither is your team. It will help if you still connect with them for updates, feedback, and conferencing. When you look at Kanban software, you should consider the level of connectivity it provides.Being able to schedule video conferences within the team and with clients is highly desirable. Being able to call or chat with other team members instantly is also advantageous.

Customer Support

New users will have questions regarding the functionalities of the software. Being able to get a quick response to their queries is good to have. Also, access to discussion forums on the different features and uses of the tool can prove very useful.

User Interface

The user interface and user experience are of utmost importance. Having all the features, but using them with difficulty is not a good sign. Clear labels and mapping of features under relevant headings are necessary for an agile Kanban tool.

Online collaboration, real-time task updates, and the global workforce are the new normal. Having Kanban software that meets all these requirements, with ease of use, is the need of the hour. Trello managed to dominate the field of Kanban software for some time but has started to lag. Many alternatives to Trellooffer capabilities that can take project management to the next level. Many of them are highly cost-effective and provide functionalities that surpass Trello.