Is it your first date and you don’t know what to wear? Are you worried that you’re going to be the laughing stock for your date and the people around you? Don’t worry, it’s normal for a guy or girl to be nervous, especially if it’s the first date. For one,dates whether it’s the first time or not is nerve-wracking.

From a guy’s perspective, there are a lot of things that go wrong. What if the place isn’t good enough? What if the weather’s bad?  What about the food? Do you think she’ll be okay even if I don’t have a car? If you think that the lady has it smoother on her side, think again.

What if he thinks I’m too fat? Should I order first or should I let him do the honors? What if I’m late? These are just a sample of the multitude of questions that both men and women ask on their first dates. The answers to the questions above may be out of your hand, but there is certainly a factor that you can positively influence when you’re going out for the first time.

Enter, your attire. Your attire can say a lot about you. If it’s a first date, your goal should be to impress the other party. Be careful though, you shouldn’t go overboard with everything as it’ll be a catastrophe if it backfires on you. Always remember that the outcome of the night depends on how you handle the situation, how you talk and treat each other, and how you dress.

Although the first date for first-timers doesn’t usually go well, you certainly don’t have to be part of that statistic. Here’s how you can positively affect the outcome of your date by dressing fashionably. As a bonus, there are some tips and tricks at the end of the article that can go well with your sporty, dashing style.

For the Men

As most dates often happen at fancy restaurants and diners, you don’t have to worry about matching the place with your clothes. As a guy, it’s important that you won’t outdo your female counterpart with the way you dress. It may sound tough to do but it is certainly possible.

One way to not go overboard is by going simple without exaggerating it. For guys, go for strong, bold, yet simple shades such as black, white, and gray. It also pays to be situational. If for example, both of you agreed to go on a date after your work, try to dress professionally and smartly. Of course, if you’re a nurse or a cop, and you’d go out on a date, don’t ever dare wear your scrubs or uniforms. It’s gross and can be a sign that you’re lazy.

A date is a special occasion and you should dress accordingly. If you’re from work, you can opt for a smooth but rugged look. Try wearing a denim colored, slim-fit suede jacket over a plain white shirt with blue or black semi-fit jeans. Finish off your look with shoes that’ll match your pants. If you’re wearing black jeans, it’s best that you pair it off with white sneakers for a sportier look.  If you’re wearing blue jeans, then you can pair it with black or grey sneakers.

For Women

When it comes to women, it’s best that you dress elegantly while not affecting your comfort. Remember, you shouldn’t excessively prioritize looks. A common trend nowadays is that women love wearing rompers, especially on dates. Rompers can give you a lot of trouble when you’re going to the bathroom. If your guy dresses simple, don’t take it as a negative.

Sometimes, simple is sexy. For women, you could try and slightly go above that simplicity and impress your date. Although it’s not a must, always remember those first impressions always last. Here’s a cool and stylish look you can go for:

Go with a solid-colored denim jacket over a black or blue wrap dress. If possible, don’t go for wrap dresses that have complicated patterns. Go as simple as much as you can. If you do have to wear a patterned wrap dress, try going for small dotted patterns. You can finish your looks with sneakers that can match your denim jacket. It doesn’t have to be the same color, but you can choose neutral colors too if you like.


Don’t forget to accessorize when you’re out on a date. A simple rule, don’t overdo your accessories. For both men and women, you can go for unisex watches that can become a safe go-to accessory. For men, if dog tags and chains are your things, try not to put on too many. For dog tags, two tags on a single necklace will do. If you like wearing chains, a slightly loose, single gold or silver chain is good.

For women, never go with bracelets and bangles together. Only use either one of them. For bangles, make sure that it isn’t heavy or big enough to cover your wrists. Anklets are also a cool thing for most ladies out there as it brings mystique and sex appeal. Just make sure that you’re wearing it on either the left or right leg, not both. Also, use a thin line for your anklets.

For earrings, men should stay away from it if possible. If not, go for small diamond earrings that won’t eat up your necklaces and other accessories. For women, don’t go for dangling earrings that are heavy and look like chandeliers. Remember, don’t wear anything that will make you uncomfortable.

Additional Tips and some Do’s and Don’ts

For Men:

  • Do bring a bouquet of roses or any flowers
  • Do be respectful
  • Do shoulder the bill
  • Do offer to take her home
  • Do try romantic walks
  • Don’t be obnoxious
  • Don’t be touchy
  • Don’t be pretentious
  • Don’t be too talkative

For Women:

  • Do feel relaxed
  • Do appreciate his efforts
  • Do be honest about your feelings
  • Do feel happy
  • Do try to reciprocate
  • Don’t Trust too much
  • Don’t probe
  • Don’t expect for the guy to shoulder the bill
  • Don’t order too much, especially if you’re not planning to pay

The Impression

Don’t be late. You should not be late. Punctuality will determine your sincerity to the girl you like. But in certain circumstances where you can’t avoid to be late because you got caught in traffic, tell her in advance. At least she wouldn’t think you ditched her right?

Giving a bouquet of flowers would please her too, but you should consider the taste of your girl. You can make it simple and preppy or extravagant and lovely. Either choice, flowers would be highly appreciated by girls anyhow.

Make eye contact while you’re on a date because it will send her a message that you are not playing around. It is also an appropriate response to say that you are listening well to whatever she is saying.

Be confident, because she wouldn’t go out with you if she doesn’t like you, too right? Stay composed and calm, and don’t hold back your laugh, if you find it funny then laugh. If you think she is beautiful, then compliment her. Don’t be an awkward guy, because you know she might just be waiting for you to do something.


The simplest advice would be, “Just be yourself and stay calm, and don’t go over the top.” But of course, sometimes you would need a manual to handle the situations in deciding. Remember the tips, and you can be ready to kill that first date. Though what matters most is the story the two of you will make. Not the location, not the food, and not even the clothes will define the memory of your date. At one point of someday if that date will be something you will remember her smile more than her red dress.