Who doesn’t like taking pictures? Whether you are on holiday or launching a new product at an event, you take pictures everywhere to make unforgettable memories. Sometimes, you just get bored of sifting through random photos, and you want to do something creative out of it. Or, when it comes to business promotions, you may just have taken moments and not make any relevant video with the right ambiance, background, or voiceover.

This is where the art of converting pictures into videos comes in. Have you ever tried making videos from photos with music? And Why should you do that?

Let us find out:

Benefits of Converting Pictures Into Videos 

1. Videos Are More Appealing Than Pictures

Video streaming is defiantly catching up and has surpassed the value of still photographs, which can get boring and monotonous to sift through. Now you can view the same pictures in the form of a video with alluring background music. It captures the essence of both – a video and the still pictures, making the entire transformation digitally appealing, cost-effective, and alluring for your audience.

2. Videos Create Trust

Rather than posting pictures about a major promotional event or launch of a product, you can post a video with photos that has a better capacity to ignite emotions that will make people trust you more. You can further add music or a voiceover to offer explanations, descriptions, or brand enhancement to your picture videos and increase the viewers’ trust even more.

3. The Authenticity of Audio-Visual

By converting images into creative videos using music, text, or voice to explain to your audience what the pictures are all about, the relevance of each photo, description about location, elaborate discussion about the event, explanation of the background, and so much. Add light music to add to the appeal of these videos and use the photos in your gallery, putting them into optimal utility.

How to Create Videos From Photos With Music?

You can employ a diligent and effective Picture video maker. This app is one of the most powerful applications for creating videos, movies, slide show movies from photos, and music extracted from your photo gallery. There is a myriad range of picture video makers available online, and you must have apt knowledge to sue the right one for your business promotions on your social media handles.

Uploading a business video, which is uniquely curated using only pictures and a soft explanation of different moments. It can be different from the usual videos made for brand awareness or business promotion.

How to Create Videos Using Pictures?

First, you need to choose an apt picture video maker and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 – Draw an Objective and Define Your Story

You must take your time and identify the objective as to why you want to make a video using pictures. If you want to highlight a special event, a celebration, an occasion, a launch of services, or an enticing offer or deal, you must define it in the form of a story and then align it in the video format.

Step 2: After identifying the goal, Select Your Photos

Based on the story that you want to portray in front of your audience, you must start selecting pictures for your gallery. Your photographs must communicate your objective and story to your viewers in the best possible manner. The photos should be clear, preferably HD, with wide-angle shots. Keep the blur away and focus on the clarity and utility of each selected picture.

Step 3: Select Your Voiceover/Theme Song

Now you must correlate your picture story with a song or a message to communicate the essence, relevance, and motive of your video of pictures to your audience effectively. You can also add text as an explanation. If the pictures are self-explanatory and the videos are for informative or educational purposes, ad a meaningful alluring piece of music in the background and captivate your viewers.

Step 4: Edit Your Video

You must use an effective picture video maker to edit the length and quality of the video. You can chop areas which deem unfit, or you can crop images as per your requirements. You can edit the theme according to the suitability of your business to give your video a professional feel.

You can edit the position of your pictures according to preferences and add captions and subtitles as appropriate. You can edit the theme music or add a voice. While editing, you can select the transition style for your photos which means how one photo assumes the place of the previous photo.

After editing, a final video preview must be done, and final adjustments should be made. You can take feedback from friends, family, and peers and make necessary changes or adjustments as recommended.

Step 5 – Export Your Video

After the final editing, you can export your video to your smartphone or device storage and give it a memorable and interesting name.

Step 6: Share Your Video

You can finally share it on YouTube, Instagram Reels, Instagram Feed, Stories, Facebook, and other social media and selling channels.

How Can You Promote Business-Oriented Videos Using Picture Video Makers?

You can easily create videos using both video clips and still images by changing the timings, adding transitions, and including music to create stunning photo presentations for professional or personal use. Let us see how they can be beneficial to promote your brand and business:

  1. Pictures are moments captured in frames, and to accomplish such a goal for your brand, you can put a stream of pictures in a way that the flow never breaks.
  2. It helps your audience register what they saw as a picture story.
  3. Your viewers feel emotional connectivity and interactively engage with such videos.
  4. Your audience will trust your stream of pictures converted into a mesmerizing video with spellbinding transitions.
  5. Picture videos are a rich, engaging medium that is easy to manage, cost-effective, and will help you enhance and convey your key points.
  6. With picture videos. you can bring any concept to life, and you can give context ideas through still photographs
  7. You can use eye-catching templates to work with to impress the millennials and gen-Z who want something new at every moment.
  8. You can easily manage video production with picture videos and capture hard-to-represent ideas on a screen without constraints.
  9. Taking a picture video story is a unique way to present and market your brand to your consumers.
  10. This technique will help you enhance social engagement on social media platforms and set you apart from your competitors.


One of the biggest trends in the digital space is using videos for digital marketing on YouTube and social media handles. You can focus on picture-oriented videos, which help you display unique and unforgettable moments and memories with your viewers.

These videos improve your video marketing statistics and serve your main goal of sharing a compelling, persuasive, and convincing picture video to your audience to connect with them and convince them to act emotionally. So, upgrade your visual content and use the power of picture video maker now!