While smart technology has made our daily lives infinitely easier in so many ways, there is a flip side to be concerned with in that storing digital data on mobile devices can be breached from multiple locations. When it comes to smartphones, it would be impossible to quantify just how many hacks were initiated during routine trips to the grocery store, bank, or even the doctor’s office.

Unless you take precautionary steps to ensure that any information stored on your phone is impenetrable by would-be cyber thieves, you are leaving yourself wide open to the loss of sensitive data. Here is where it pays to read what reviewers have said about this year’s most secure smartphones before choosing your next model when it’s time for an upgrade.

Any Mobile Device Is Exponentially at Risk

Sadly, many people understand the need to keep their personal computers and laptops secure but often fail to understand that mobile devices are exponentially at risk. Why? The thing to understand here is that if you are carrying a mobile device of any kind on your person while you are out and about, you potentially put yourself in the vicinity of hackers all too eager to access any data stored on that device. The information they can pull within mere nanoseconds could give them all your financial information as well as any personal information they can use to steal your identity.

Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe While Traveling

If you are storing information at home, that device is in one location and they’d literally need to reach you through the internet. Not so with mobile devices. They can connect to your smartphone from anywhere you happen to be without going through a server. Keep that in mind when searching for a mobile phone with an OS known to add layers of security. While traveling, keep your device turned off and also remember to require password authentication when the screen turns on from resting mode.

Highly Rated Smartphones of 2018

Now it’s finally time to take a quick glance at those smartphones which reviewers found to be the safest mobile phones in 2018. According to the reviews on one tech forum, the top three as far as resident security would be:

  • Blackphone 2
  • Blackberry DTEK60
  • Samsung S9

While everyone seems to be shouting the praises of Apple’s iOS in terms of resident security within the operating system, reviewers found that these three are noteworthy out of the box and with additional levels of security you can purchase, these would be the best phones for anyone storing intellectual or financial information in need of high layers of security.

It Pays to Do Your Homework

Since one hack of your mobile device could give cyber criminals the opening they need to access everything from your smart devices at home to your PC to your company’s mainframe, it pays to do your homework so that you understand how best to protect your devices while on the road. It’s also going to be interesting to compare notes on next year’s highly rated secure smartphones to see which company offers the level of security you are entitled to. A look back at the most secure smartphones of 2018 will give you a place to start when doing your research. Never buy a phone that lacks a high level of resident security. If you are looking for a new phone, that’s the best advice you can ever be given – nothing is as important, so keep that in mind.