Nowadays, most everyone has a smartphone. Their ubiquity is, in part, thanks to the ease at which they allow you to respond to email, text, browse the web, and generally stay in touch with others. However, even with major competition from other developers and manufacturers, Apple’s iPhone still remains one of the top tier smartphones for anyone serious about the technology they use.

That being said, just because the iPhone is popular doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways that you can improve your smartphone experience. With the right accessories, you can really make the most of your iPhone, addressing the few weak points the phone has to create a truly exceptional user experience. Here are just a few of the most popular accessories on the market to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your phone without trading in your phone.

Give your phone a facelift with a limited-edition wooden phone case.

The design of the iPhone is nice, but it doesn’t do much when it comes to protecting your phone. Drops and other spills can cause major issues with your smartphone, including a cracked screen which makes it hard, and dangerous, to use. That being said, many of the iPhone cases on the market are made for protection instead of aesthetics, making it a bit of a downer to put your sexy piece of tech into an ugly phone case just to protect it. This is where a company like Limited 77 comes in to solve your problems in spectacular fashion.

Limited 77 specializes in handcrafting wooden cases for iPhones and other smartphones that stand out thanks to their unique material, attention to detail, and careful craftsmanship. The fact that these cases are made from natural materials gives them a solid weight and protection that synthetic materials could never achieve. Being made of wood also means that these cases can be engraved for an added layer of class, providing even more personalization options with art choices like dinosaurs, butterflies, pizza, or a compass. Not only do these phone cases look great on your iPhone, but they are also limited edition, meaning you don’t have to worry about having the same case as everyone else you see. For a truly unique option, take a look at Limited 77’s resin wood cases which are completely one-of-a-kind.

Make the most of your media with a cloud storage solution for your iPhone.

If you take a lot of pictures or videos of your family on your iPhone, you may find yourself frustrated with iCloud as your only iPhone photo storage solution. After all, iCloud is a recurring monthly cost that can really eat into your budget, especially if you have a knack for filling up your storage only to be greeted with another message to continue upgrading to a more expensive version of iCloud. If you’re looking for a different option when it comes to photo storage for iPhones, it’s hard to go wrong with ibi.

Designed by Sandisk, ibi is similar to other personal clouds for your devices, but without a monthly subscription fee. For a flat fee, ibi will offer you a whopping 1 TB of storage for your smartphone, computer, social media accounts, and so much more. That’s enough storage space to back up hundreds of thousands of photos or over one hundred hours of high definition video, complete with organizational tools that allow you to share photos and videos with different friends or family members securely.

Get yourself a longer charging cable.

One simple accessory that no phone nut should go without is a longer charging cable. Particularly if you use your iPhone on the go frequently, you may have trouble keeping your phone charged because of how short your cable is. Being able to reach outlets more easily and keep your phone charged will keep you happy, so do yourself a favor and invest in this simple accessory today.