Virtual Keyboard on every smartphone is very important part of phone. Good keyboard allows us to write fast and almost all apps require keyboard use. Apple iPhone keyboard is no different but every since iPhone launch its keyboard hasn’t changed much. Its same as it was years ago. While Android users enjoy variety of keyboard options. Apple don’t allow third party keyboard on its iOS, so developers are unable to customize the keyboard. But with a new jailbreak tweak you can add a new number key row over iPhone keyboard.


exKey by Richard Cheng allows you to add a extra row of number key over iPhone keyboard. It allows us to use numbers key from first page keyboard only. Many times we want to add numbers while typing, but for that we have to change the keyboard page and go to number page. But with this new tweak we can add number key right from first page of keyboard. On the number page also it adds symbol key row over keyboard. This new row increases the overall typing speed and increase the productivity.

This tweak is available for $0.99 in Cydia default repo. After installing the tweak there is option to configure. It works directly on all apps installed and where keyboard is used. So it is great addition to the iPhone keyboard. This tweak is only compatible with iPhone only.