Apple doesn’t give much options to customize the look of iOS. Apple restricts us in changing the theme of device. This is the main reason people jailbreak their device. By jailbreaking the device we can almost fully customize the look of the device. WinterBoard is a Theme changing app by Saurik for jailbreak users. But sometimes WinterBoard may be laggy and cause the device to be slowed down, many times people don’t prefer using it. What if you just want to theme the Battery icon, then WinterBoard might not be good choice. Now, a new jailbreak tweak allows to customize the Battery icon in iOS 7 without the need of WinterBoard.

Alkaline by magn2o is a new jailbreak tweak that allows to change the Battery indicator in iPhone or iPad running iOS 7. Alkaline is a WinterBoard replacement for theming battery indicator. Developers can make the themes for alkaline. By default developers give two themes for battery icon. There are many new themes which are being released on daily basis by developers.

After installing the app there is an option in the Setting pane. There is no option to enable or disable. There is an option to select the Theme for battery icon. After selecting the theme, the device should be Respring to take effect. After ReSpring the battery icon is changed. We will into many new themes for changing battery info.


With the installation of Alkaline its developer provide two themes. The first is ‘Bolus’ which slim down the battery icon. The other is ‘Habesha’ which is vertical bar type battery icon. It is hollow battery bars, filled bar indicate 20% charged battery. There are five bars each representing 20% battery power.


Live battery indicator for ios 7 is a new theme released for alkaline. It is inspired by Android battery indicator. It many different types of battery indicator. It has two Variants available first is circular while other is Hollowed Version. In a circular theme, a circle with remaining battery percentage inside circle is shown. It has black & white and color versions available. Hollowed version, makes the battery indicator hollow.

MacBattery is a new theme for Alkaline which makes battery indicator similar to Mac battery icon. Many people like the Mac Battery indicator icon, now you can select this theme and change battery similar to Mac. It is available for free in cydia.

Alkaline is a free tweak available in ModMyi repo, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod running on iOS 7 only. All the above themes are available for free in Cydia.

So get this great tweak and theme the battery indicator in iOS 7.