About 30 years ago the internet gained actual existence in the world as a new technology. At that time, not all people had access to internet because very few professionals had a mastery of its functionality. However, Cisco System Inc. came in and leveraged on the affinity for internet knowledge. Today, we are more connected to each other. We share data or any kind of information across computer networks irrespective of place and time. All thanks to Cisco.

Moreover, data has become one of the most significant resources to companies nowadays. Since data needs to be well stored, processed and distributed through a professionally designed IT Data Centres (IT Dcs), the demand in certified  Data Center experts has increased. For that, Cisco provides you with the opportunity to pass Cisco CCIE 400-151 Practice Tests and get CCIE Data Center credential. In this article, we’ll focus on this test and all you need to know before taking it.

What is 400-151 CCIE DC exam?

This is an exam meant to screen you for expert skills required in the planning, design, implementation and management of today’s sophisticated IT Data Centres. 400-151 certification exam revolves around the following topics:

  • Network services
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Storage networking and compute
  • Connectivity
  • Fabric infrastructure
  • Evolving technologies

Now, let’s go on to discover some of the peculiar things about this important exam which IT professionals keep an eye on. As part of the Cisco certification process, along with 400-151 exam, you need to pass a Lab exam. Cisco checks not only your knowledge but also the practical skills necessary to be implemented in the real world. The following are the parts designed for 400-151 exam.

  1. CCIE Data Center Written Exam (400-151 CCIE DC)

This category tests on the expert level skills to design, plan, operate, implement and troubleshoot complex Data Center infrastructure. It also tests the ability to understand the ideal requirements of Data Centers and device configuration.

  1. CCIE Data Center Lab Exam

This is an eight-hour exam which requires practical knowledge. The candidates are expected to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks. Every candidate is expected to give a solution to problems related to the Data Center.

Prerequisites for 400-151 Exam

Usually, the certifications of the expert level offered by Cisco require the prerequisite of the lower level credentials such as of the associate or professional. Still, it’s not the case for CCIE Data Center certification. However, the candidate is also ought to meet the following requirements.

  • Have an understanding of topics covered by the 400-151 CCIE Data Center exam
  • Have eight years of job experience.

What you need to consider is that after passing the written exam, within 18 months, you need to attempt the lab exam. It’s vital in getting CCIE Data Center certification.

The top preparation tools for 400-151 exam

To get a proper preparation for the exam is to get the best sources with prep material. One of the most recommended websites that you can use is PrepAway. It really deserves your attention, as this online platform contains a number of materials such as video courses led by qualified instructors and valid exam dumps. With PrepAway 400-151 Premium file you can easily revise the learned material and track your results. The thing is that to open such file, you need to download ETE Exam Simulator. This perfect modern tool simulates the real exam environment, preparing you for taking the real 400-151 certification exam. Thus, files that enable you to create, edit and take practice exams. And the price for such premium file is affordable, you can get it just for $13.99. The benefits you gain include the real exam questions, fast exam updates and accurate answers. If you are still in doubts whether to check PrepAway website or not, note that with the ETE exam simulator, you can be sure that you will be placed within a real exam context and have 99 percent confidence in your success.

What next after CCIE Data Center certification?

Once you have received your certification, you need to know that after every two years recertification is required. This is usually proof that you possess the most actual CCIE expert-level knowledge. Remember the field of Information Technology and Data Center is evolving every day and keeping the pace with the rapidly changing world of IT is a necessity. Note, that recertification is not for a life-long period, thus it has its termination date.

Once the deadline is over, you have a period of about a year to recertify. If you need details about the recertification process, find them below:

Recertification details

For recertification, you can do the following steps:

  • Passing a current CCIE written or lab exam.
  • Earning credits through Cisco’s Continuing Education Program
  • Passing Cisco Certified Architect Interview and Board.

In case, you have to redo the test, you need to wait for about 15 days before repeating the test. Beware of the expiration dates and plan for the tests just like any other exams to avoid losing your crucial IT certification or getting a suspension for a full year. Moreover, insert the same identification number used for the first certification so that the system can recognize your identity.


By passing 400-151 exam, you get the CCIE Data Center certification and have the privilege to exercise the benefits that come with it. With this credential you can apply for CCIE Data Center Network Engineer, CCIE Data Center Support Engineer, CCIE Data Center Solutions Architect and other positions. Your income can vary from $91,000 to $120,000 annually. Do you need more time to think it over? Use the best prep material for studying, pass 400-151 exam and be attentive with terms during which the re-certification is required. All the best!