Amazon Great Indian festival concluded yesterday and it looks like the US based marketplace has the best ever sale in India. Amazon has claimed that it has sold over 1.5 Crore units in India.

Amazon Great Indian received a billion hits in the first 12 hours of the #GreatIndianFestival. As per the marketplace, it has Received more unique visitors in half a day than it received last year. hosted the Great Indian Festival – ‘Tyohaar bade dilwala’ from 1st to 5th October with a marathon of 120 hours of great deals offered by thousands of sellers and brands on popular products.

Amazon launched Paid Prime membership in India and it offered free trial. Now the trial period has been expired for many people. As per Amazon, Prime membership was the highest selling product on its portal. 1 out of every 3 shipments during Great Indian Festival was a Prime Shipment.

There were Top Categories:

–          Mobiles grew at 5x compared to the daily run rate

–          Large appliances grew by 7x as compare to the daily run rate

–          TV witnessed a 25x growth; the exclusive range in TVs saw a growth of 50x

–          Amazon Fashion grew at 4x the daily run rate

–          Consumables saw a growth of 5x to the daily run rate