Amazon is all set to launch Amazon Prime Video in India soon. The company has announced the video service will be rolled out to international market starting next month.

Amazon Prime VideoThe Video streaming service will be launched in India and other countries next month. Amazon Prime Video will be announced in 200 countries along with India next month.

Earlier this year the US based marketplace has announced Amazon Prime service in India. The service offers free delivery on all eligible products. It also offers fast delivery at reduced price.

Now Amazon is adding the Video streaming service with the Prime service. Initially the prime is offered for a trial period of 60 days. Customers can buy the service for Rs. 499.

The marketplace has partnered with several production houses and content distributors for its upcoming Amazon Prime Video. It will give competition to Netflix globally.

Amazon has not announced the launch date of Amazon Prime Video in India. However it will be announced next month in 200 countries.