Android OS developer Google has beta testing its next iteration of Android since some months. Currently the company is simply calling the next version of the OS Android O. Now Google has finally revealed the data when the OS will get its name.

Android O Solar EclipseSearch Giant Google is known for doing extra ordinary things and with the Android 8 O name reveal also, the company is doing something different. Android 8 O name will be revealed during Solar Eclipse which is happening on 21 August.

The company has posted the teaser video on its social media accounts which confirms that the name of Android 8 O will be reveled during Total Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse will be visible in USA and other parts on 21st August.

Google will announce the Android 8 O Name on 21st August at 2:40PM EST time. It is expected that the name of upcoming version of the OS be Oreo. The sweet biscuit might have done the partnership with the Android maker.

Back with Android 4.4, Google partnered with Kitkat and now with Android 8, we can see the brand Oreo name on the upcoming OS. Well whatever may be the name, we will come to know next week on 21st august.

Android 8 Oreo could be released to Nexus devices starting from October. The company had recently released final Developer Preview 4, so we think the build could be made available to compatible devices soon.