Android NGoogle surprisingly released the first beta of Android N last month. As usual, Google released the Android 7 N beta for select Nexus series of devices. The first beta was seeded to developers.

Android N Beta Non-NexusNow in another surprising move, Google might release the Android N beta to Non-Nexus devices as well. As per the official Google website, select OEM devices will get Android N beta soon.

Google doesn’t specifically mentions about the availability of Android N beta to Non-Nexus devices. But the source code of the developer preview HTML page reveals Google’s future plans.

A redditor discovered the source code. At the time of writing, the source code of Android N Developer preview page still contains the lines of code.

These are the hidden lines of code which are related to Android N beta:

  • Accompanying Android Beta Program for consumers, starting later in the preview
  • More supported devices, including devices from OEM partners
  • Seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to final N release without flashing

Google clearly writes that the Android 7 N beta preview will be released to devices from OEM partners as well. As of now the beta is available for developers having Nexus devices. Google will start the Android N public beta testing soon.

We expect that Google might release Android N beta for popular Non-Nexus devices. Google I/O conference is scheduled for 18 May 2016, where new features of Android N will be revealed.

So stay tuned to get more surprises from Google and Android next month.