Samsung which is one of the top smartphone companies in India has a vast network of service centres. The company has its own centres in almost every city but the company was unable to replace a faulty Samsung Galaxy A7.

A fed-up customer breaks his new Samsung Galaxy A7 in the service centre. The customer in the video is seen breaking the Galaxy A7 in the company’s service centre. Check out the video below:

As you can see in the video above, the customer has been asked repeatedly to come again and again to get his phone replaced but in the service centre was unable to replace the phone which makes the customer angry. The customer then breaks the phone in the service centre itself.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 was launched last year in India, the customer in the video claims that he has paid Rs. 21,000 for the phone then also he has received faulty phone. The location of the service centre is unknown and actual fault of the phone is also not known.

We will update once we have more information about the customer and location of the service centre.