AnyTrans 4

Apple iTunes is device management software for iDevices made by Apple. As happen with other Apple products, iTunes is a great software but it has many limitations. iTunes doesn’t allow you to access internal file system, transfer files between devices, manage library easily and many more.

Suppose you have purchased the recently launched iPhone 6 and you already own old iPhone, so how would you transfer your important data from old iPhone to new iPhone? Well the answer is quite simple you can use AnyTrans 4.

Earlier we have told you about PhoneClean by iMobie which cleans documents and data files. Now we are going to tell you about AnyTrans which is another excellent product.

AnyTrans 4 by iMobie is complete iOS content management tool. It is one of the best management tool for iOS device which can help you transfer files between iDevices with the ease.

It is an exclusive utility to manage, transfer and backup all your iPhone, iPad contents in case of data loss, especially for the users who rush to update iOS 8. AnyTrans 4.0 is an all-in-one tool that enables to browse, manage, transfer and backup almost all your iDevice data

AnyTrans Features:

  • Transfer Music from iPhone, iPad to computer and vice versa
  • Transfer and organize photos from iPhone and iPad
  • Inbuilt media conversion which converts non supported video formats to iPhone supported formats easily
  • Backup apps to Computer
  • Move App from one device to another
  • Export Contacts, messages, voice mail and call history in the format you want
  • Add or edit notes from device
  • iPhone explorer- It supports drag-n-drop interface to manage your iPhone system files with easily
  • Recover important files from iTunes backup
  • Transfer files from iCloud to any computer
  • Download and extract content from iCloud

You can see that AnyTrans comes with some exciting new features. Let’s explore some of the major features in depth.

Transfer files to Computer:

AnyTrans 4 allows to export all your iPhone data to computer. You can transfer Music, Camera roll, Music videos, Voice memos, Contacts, Messages, Albums, Bookmarks, History, Calendar and many more.

AnyTrans Transfer files to PCAs you can see in the image above, AnyTrans gives you so many files options to transfer. To transfer files to PC, just click on Content to PC, then select options, after that just give the path where you want to save the files. After clicking Start Transfer, Anytrans will start transferring files to desired location.

Transfer content from one iDevice to other iDevice:

If you ask us one the best feature, we will go with this feature. This is one of the best feature of AnyTrans. When anyone buys new iPhone or iPad, his major concern is how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone. Well AnyTrans has the solution for You.

What you need to do is connect both the iDevices to the computer and select Content to Device option. After clicking the option, it will prompt you to select files which you can transfer. In this way you can transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone 6.

File System Explorer:

Apple doesn’t allows you to see the file system of iPhone and iPad. But with AnyTrans you can accss the RAW file system and you can also access individual App Data.

anytrans file system

Just click on App section, then AnyTrans will list out all Apps installed on the device. You can access data of individual apps by selecting the desired app.

Apart from above features, one of the important features is inbuilt media conversion. Apple iPhone and iPad support limited media formats only but we have media files in different formats. AnyTrans 4 converts unsupported file formats to supported file formats.

AnyTrans 4 is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. AnyTrans 4 is also compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8. It is available for both PC and Mac. It is paid tool and it costs $39 for personal license and $59 for family license. You can test the product by downloading trial version from here.

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