Santa’s coming a little early this year for App Store shoppers. App Santa, collaborative campaign between a group of award-winning app developers, is offering discounts on fifteen popular iPhone and iPad applications, including 1Password, Tweetbot 3, Launch Center Pro, Screens, Clear+ and more. You can get this apps with as much as 60% discount price, from 10 developers.

From App Santa

Naughty or nice, App Santa brings you the best deals on apps from some of the most popular developers on the App Store.

Enjoy the holidays, and save some money by grabbing these apps while they’re on sale, or spread some joy to the world by gifting your favorites to your friends and family.

List of App gone on sale :

1Password by AgileBits – $9.99 [normally $17.99]

PrinterPro by Readdle – $2.99 [normally $6.99]

Clear+ by Realmac Software – $1.99 [normally $4.99]

PCalc by TLA Systems – $6.99 [normally $9.99]

Calendar 5 by Readdle – $2.99 [normally $6.99]

Day One by Bloom Built – $2.99 [normally $4.99]

PDF Converter by Readdle – $2.99 [normally $6.99]

Screens VNC by Edovia – $14.99 [normally $19.99]

Scanner Pro by Readdle – $2.99 [normally $6.99]

Mileage Log+ by Contrast – $4.99 [normally $9.99]

Launch Center Pro by Contrast – $2.99 [normally $4.99]

Perfect Weather by Contrast – $1.99 [normally $1.99]

Delivery Status by Junecloud – $2.99 [normally $4.99]

TweetBot 3 by Tapbots – $1.99 [normally $4.99]

Vesper by Q Branch – $2.99 [normally $4.99]

So don’t miss the deal and get these great apps for your iOS devices at a discounted prices.

Let us know which app you bought .