Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the world saw a lot of economic collapses and societal condition exposures, but here’s what something rose high: Content & Media Creation. With lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, work-from-home and whatnot, people got a lot of free time. In that free time, people engaged in artistic ventures ranging from baking to writing to dancing and then posting them on their social media handles. That flow of creativity has only continued to increase since then. And now, most of them are pursuing this as a full-time, well-paying job opportunity.

While content creators rely on just good cameras and tools for their media captures, most rely on Apple products. Below is break down of which Apple devices are most compatible and suitable for different types of art & media captures: –

iPads for Digital Art

While there is absolutely no limitation on which device suits you best for digital art, iPads are always most recommended. Combined with Apple Pencil, it’s even better! Below are some reasons why iPads are best for digital art: –

  • iPads, just like most of the Apple Products currently available, have a beautiful and bright light and colour composition. Apple devices generally have Liquid Retina Display, which brings out colours in their original forms, ensuring your artwork looks bright and colourful in any display following your artwork dimensions.
  • Artwork rendering is faster with an A13 Bionic Chip or higher.
  • It lets you pinch to zoom in and out to get the small nooks and crannies you generally miss during digital illustrations. Pair with an Apple Pencil for the best output.
  • With Screen Recording, you can record your entire art session in FHD+ and edit and turn it into a social media post for an art tutorial video!
  • It’s pretty portable and easy to carry around. So, anytime you find a beautiful scenario to paint, whip out your iPad to draw one in HD!
  • Now iPads come with compatibility to the entire Adobe CC package consisting of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more. Unleash your media creativity with the same!

iPhones for Photography and Videography

There are tons of devices other than iPhones that give adjacently as good an output as an iPhone nowadays. But iPhone’s camera has one hell of a reputation right after its ATT feature! It is so because iPhone has got a larger sensor which ensures great photography even under low light conditions. Apart from that, iPhones have cinematic modes that ensure movie-quality video recording. Nowadays, most content creators, especially on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, rely on iPhones for video recording and editing purposes.

Here are a few fun facts for all!

A handful of indie singers shoot their music videos on an iPhone, and in fact, a lot of award-winning movies are shot on iPhone!

Insane, right?

So yes, if you’re a photographer and/or videographer or a hobbyist of the same who is yet to start working with SLR or mirrorless professional cameras or has a budget up to which you can buy a minimal range phone of an iPhone, iPhone is the way to go.

MacBooks/iMacs for Heavy Graphic Designing and Video Editing Work

As mentioned before, undoubtedly, iPads are great for illustrations and digital art/paintings, but for a graphic design or a video that needs a lot of elements and editing, it can be a little stressful for your iPad. Not that it can’t render the file, it’ll take some time, and your iPad might end up hanging for some time.

For instance, for some features of Photoshop, like, Pixel stretching, regular PCs and laptops work just okay, but not the best. It’s very strongly dependent on the GPUs that PCs and laptops have and for which you have to find the most compatible hardware requirements. For macOS, you don’t have to sweat it at all! You can use the pixel stretching feature of Photoshop on a macOS without worrying about your GPU crashing in any iMac or MacBook!

Since iMac/MacBooks have the highest clarity Liquid retina display, it’s very reliable for video editing. Moreover, only iMacs and MacBooks have Final Cut Pro, a video editing software ensuring clean cuts, smooth transitions and zero-compressing of the quality of the video.Another video editing software,DaVinci Resolve, gives up to 3x better performance on iMacs/MacBooks with an M1 chip.

In conclusion, it’s understandable enough that iMacs and Macbooks are pretty expensive, but if at all you get your hands on either of these, don’tlet’em go! These computers are the best and recommended for graphic designers and cinematography editors out there!

As we’ve reached the end of the article, we’d like to conclude the blog by saying that the media, entertainment, and social media industry has been going on a success streak, especially since 2020. If not now, when would be the better time to start a career in this field? And Apple is here to help you all with it!

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