Apple iOS 9 New keyboardsCouple of months back Apple announced iOS 9 during its WWDC. Apple seeded the beta version of the software to registered developers. The company has also started public beta testing program with iOS 9.

I am testing the new Apple iOS 9 beta on my iPhone since last month. The company has added several new features to latest iOS version. The final version is expected to be released next month.

With iOS 9, Apple has keep the Indian users in mind and added several new features specially for Indian users. iOS already supports Hindi language and has a Hindi keyboard through which you can type in Hindi.

But now Apple has added two new keyboards – Hindi Transliteration and Hinglish keyboards. The new keyboards further makes it easy to type in Hindi.

If you are a type of person who knows Hindi, but find it difficult to write in Hindi language usingthe  dedicated Hindi keyboard than Hindi Transliteration keyboard is perfect for you. Hindi Transliteration keyboard converts English text into Hindi. It will not translate the word into Hindi, but will Convert A –> अ.

iOS 9 Hindi TransliterationAs you see in the image above, typing Hindi shows हिन्दी under predictive text box. It shows all possible type of combinations, you can select the correct Hindi word from the box. It works perfectly, we have tested it some very difficult words and it worked flawlessly.

The other new keyboard is ‘Hinglish’ Keyboard. We Indians usually write the sentences in both Hindi and English. The sentences are combined of Hindi and English words, this type of English is known as Hinglish.

Apple iOS Hinglish KeyboardApple’s new Hinglish keyboard allows you to write both Hindi and English words without correcting you. When the Hinglish keyboard is selected, the predictive box is not there, so that you can type the sentences easily.

Apple will release the iOS 9 update to all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. It will be released to public next month.