Apple and samsung are discussing on patent dispute settlement. According to reports talks are on between two companies over year long patent dispute, the companies are in “working level discussion”.

However there many problems in the settlement process, lot of work is required to reduce the differences over royalty fees & patent access. Apple wants samsung to pay up $30 per device.

According to Korean Times :

“Samsung still prefers to sign a comprehensive “cross-licensing” deal, allowing the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer to access all Apple’s design-related, some standard-essential and commercial patents; while Apple is asking Samsung to pay over $30 per device for Samsung’s patent violations, which Samsung thinks is “too much,” said another Samsung official who is familiar with the issue.”

The report also said that Samsung Mobile CEO Shin Jong-Kyun may fly to the US early next year to discuss a potential deal with Tim Cook.

Dispute over patents started in early 2011 , when apple sued samsung for infringing patents. Samsung was found guilty, and Samsung was ordered to pay $1 billion in damages to apple.