iOS 8.1

At an Special event, Apple has announced an update to iOS 8 which was released last month. Apple has announced iOS 8.1 update for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device. Along with iOS 8.1, Apple has also announced iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

The update will bring several new improvement and many new features. The iOS 8.1 update will bring iCloud Photo Library beta, Camera Roll, Continuity and Apple Pay support.

In iOS 8 update, Apple has removed the camera roll instead Apple has started showing photos in different location such as recent photos in ‘Recently Added’ section, Deleted photos in ‘Recently Deleted’ section and Collections and Moments. Not many people were happy with decision, so Apple is bringing back Camera roll with the iOS 8.1 update. It’s good that Apple is hearing feedback from people and implementing it.

Apple has also introduced a photo library service called as iCloud Photo Library. iOS 8.1 brings iCloud Photo Library beta. It allows to back and store photos across connected iCloud accounts. First 5 GB will be free, users cann opt for more storage which starts at $0.99 for 20 GB and $3.99 for 200GB per month.

Along with iOS 8.1, Apple is bringing Apple Pay support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With Apple Pay, you can pay using your iPhone without the need to swipe the credit card. The new iPhone 6 Plus comes with NFC support so it works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You just have to swipe iPhone 6 to Pay using Apple Pay.

You can add new card using passbook App. The card number is not stored on the device instead a dynamic security code is given. If your iPhone is lost then you can suspend all the cards through Find My iPhone app. You don’t need to suspend the credit card as iPhone doesn’t store card info.

Apple will release iOS 8.1 update on Monday, 20 October 2014. It will be released for compatible iPhone and iPad models.